Chapter 26 The Ending

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Tai knew what was going to happen but She wouldn't let it. Tossing her united blade through the rising flames she hope that the strike was true. Jumping through the new wall of fire she saw that before the woman's blade and reached his face Serilda's was there first. protruding through her stomach.

"You really think it would be that easy? Kin Tara." The woman flashed her smile.

"You saw this didn't you? Well I'm going to fulfill it." Serilda shook her head.

"I would die before I let anything happen to him." Tai's beaten face looks at her and she can feel it his eyes beg me to let it happen.

"You are in no condition to fight." Refusing to back down Serilda denies it.

"You'd be surprised what it takes to stop me." She flashes her smile once more. Serilda used it to fuel her rage.

In seconds she had kneed her in the stomach and forced Kin to the ground.

"If that's how you want to play this Serilda." She jumped up with her sword in hand and swung at her but she blocked it. Kin's blows became more and more powerful Serilda could feel it.

"I have been using this sword for decades you cannot win." Serilda swung her left then right fist then kicked her in the jaw. Rolling behind her she pulled her weapon from the wenches back and separated them. The removal of the blade weakened Kin more.

Feeling as though she had the upper hand Serilda took the chance to kick the woman in the stomach. Suddenly she recovered and knocked the sword out of Serilda's left hand and it flew into the air. She watched the sword and estimated where it would land. Moving to catch it Kin tripped her.

The witch swung again but she ducked and punched her left jaw. Grabbing hold of her arm and twisted it Serilda heard the snapping of the bones in Kin's right wrist and then threw her a few feet away. Searching for her landed sword Serilda ran toward it. It was almost in reach when she heard Kin throw something. Jumping right over her sword Serilda watch as a dagger flies through the air slicing her shirt. Moving to retaliate she quickly unites her two swords and pulled it out of the ground.

"You may have experience but I have youth." The woman snarled at Serilda and charged swinging her sword aimlessly out of anger. Serilda was calm in the battle knowing how to bleed her opponent out slicing her inside the thigh knee then in the arm and wrist.

She didn't even have to block the attacks Kin missed her every swipe. Finally the blood loss taking a toll weakening her. Kin's movements became drunk and lazy and Serilda took the chance to strike slashing her shoulder and face. She dropped her blade. Swinging her body Serilda's blade tore at Kin's neck then leaping over her Serilda broke her knee. Kin fell to the ground in pain. Disarmed and screaming.

"How did you beat me you are covered in burns how!" I shook my head.

"I've been burned before this is nothing. Anger can be a weakness or strength, for you it is a weakness." She tries to get up but Serilda elbows her nose hearing the satisfying crunch.

"I won't kill you but if you come after me again believe me I will." Kin passed out from blood loss which was the plan. Serilda walked over to Tai who is on the ground covered in blood. His leg and wrist are broken probably a few ribs too. His face is bloody and he looks like he's going to pass out. Serilda helps him to his feet and looked at him.

"You are a mess now I'm going to have to carry you home." He smiled then his face was blank eyes wide. Becoming a dead weight he fell from her arms. "Tai!" Serilda fell to the ground when she saw the dagger protruding his back. Serilda turned and Kin was sitting up laughing. Tears pouring down her face Serilda pulled the dagger out and threw it at the witch it pierced her in the neck. Choking on her blood She collapsed. Falling to the ground at Tai's side she applied pressure to his wound.

"It' no use." Tai tried to swipe her hands away but she refused. "No I won't lose you." Tears fell down her cheeks as she applied pressure to the wound. Tai reached for her.

"Serilda if I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you." A tear ran down his cheek. "I love you and I will love you until I die and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then. I'll see you again." Choking. "If I know what love is it's because of you. I never finished falling in love with you and I don't thing I ever would." Kissing his hand it became heavy in her hand and fell from her. The life was no longer in his eyes. After everything she did to get him back she just lost him again. Looking up at the sky.

"I'll see you again my love." She held his head in her lap and screamed into the nothing. Crying all throughout the night. Once the fire was out and the sun was out she picked up Tai's body and wrapped it in a blanket over her shoulder. She turned to look at Kin and her body was gone. The body was no where but she didn't care anymore.

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