Chapter 3 Denied

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On Serilda's ninth birthday she asks to speak to her father in private. Together they walk through their garden. Surrounded by the sweet scents of the numerous flowers. It soothes both of them Serilda hopes will make this conversation easier.

"What is it you wanted to speak to me about Serilda?" Bradon asks his daughter.

"Father I know you wanted a son to carry on your assassin legacy but instead got me, so I ask you for my birthday, will you train me to be a Nizari Ismailis assassin just as you were?" Serilda asks excitedly. A gleam of hope shines in her eyes only to be shattered by her fathers laugh. Not of humor.

"The life of a Nizari Ismailis assassin is no life for you my dearest." He says as he regains his composure.

"What are you talking about I am your daughter." Serilda exclaims that temper flaring up.

"Exactly you are a woman and the life of a Nizari Ismailis assassin is no life for a lady. It's much too strenuous on your body plus you are a woman and have no place taking the lives of men." After he said that Serilda ran to her room crying. Crashing onto the bed she burries her face in the plush pillows until exhaustion drove her to sleep.

Hours later she had awoken and decided enough was enough. Slipping out of her room late at night when her parents were both asleep she made her way to the library in search of a scroll that had the Order of the Assassins symbol on it her father had shown her countless times.

Setting a candle beside the scroll she opens the parchament and carefully reads the scroll. It spoke of an assassin that has taken refuge in the mountains he rarely teaches and those he does are rare and few. Just outside of the Mongolian mountains her future master lives in his stronghold. reading the scroll a dozen more times she tries to memorize it before replacing it.

Now knowing how and where to find him Serilda returned to her room making plans to flee and hopefully prove her father wrong. She not only can be an assassin but she will be.

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