Chapter 14 The Search

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Before the sun was even in view Serilda woke from sleep to begin her search for clues to her family's secret. The night before after her parents went to sleep she searched every room, the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, laundry room, and the closets. Every single room, except her own.

If this secret was to be hidden from her then what is the one place she wouldn't look for it if she found out? Her room would be is the perfect hiding place.

Tip toeing her way back to her room, prowling through the halls like a cat. She knew what she has to do but it may involve tearing apart her room.

Slipping back into her bedroom silently she immediately started throwing things out of her closet. Tearing off her bed sheets and tossing them into the corner. Scavenging through her dresser throwing cloths each and every way. Where could it be? It had to be here! There was no where else to hide it.

Exhausted she collapsed on her now naked bed. Hitting so hard it squeaked. When she noticed something hard pressing against her back. Sitting up she pulled a blade from her bag and disemboweled her mattress slicing right down the middle. Tossing fluff and fabrick she found the bottom tucked between the springs. A book. That's the big secret a book. She removed the old book gently from the confines of the bed and sat on the ground to examine it. An old leather bound book the spine cracked and paper soft and fragile as she opens it. Sealed securely by a strand of leather. No secret compartments or encoded words just a book. Why keep a normal book secret? Only way to find out was to read it.

Gently undoing the leather strap wrapping she could feel the leather cracking under her touch as she opened it. The first page had in neat clear font hand written letters. Her father's name. This was no book it's a journal. She cautiously flipped through the pages reading every word. Her father showed her that he had a secret code it was a hobby of his. She found it fascinating and she could see clearly that this book was written in that code. Though it seemed like gibberish to most she could read it clearly. On the top and bottom of the page were numbers. She knew them well and made quick work of deciphering the book. Marking the words that broke the code she copied them down into her own journal. It took her long time to decipher it nearly all day. Once the journal was completely decoded she was ready to read it. As she read further and further she became ashamed to have her father's name.

He wasn't just any assassin he was the assassin that killed Princess Sheila twenty years ago. She was ten and just learning to be queen. Her mother conditioning her and training her to be a mirror image of herself. The queen was a wretched woman and she too was a target. But not his. Oh god, he killed the princess, A CHILD!

Now it all made sense he had blood on his hands that he couldn't wash off and he didn't want her to have the same stains. Heartbroken and angered by her father's lies she didn't want to be in this house any longer than she had to.

Closing the book she returned it to it's hidden place. The confrontation that she would face would be her true challenge Sewing the bed back shut she put everything back where it should be. Going back to sleep wouldn't be a bad idea her mind was exhausted. Closing her eyes sleep claimed her. But she was soon woken by the smell of bacon few hours later forcing herself to sit up in bed her stomach churned as she realized this morning would be the worst of her life.

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