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Once there was a young Persian Nizari Ismailis assassin. The assassins name was Bradon Gerald. Brandon was a very gifted assassin. He was one of the best assassins in the order. He was only fifteen when he first joined.

Bradon like any teenage boy was always flirting with women. He was told that one day he would have to settle down with one but he didn't like having just one so he ignored the warning.

There was a war waging between the two classes of Assassins the Rafiqs and the Lasiqs. Brandon was a Lasiq and fought hard in this war. Slaying countless people he considered friends and lost many more fighting beside him. The price of this war was high and it nearly drove them to extinction.

The Nizari Ismailis had few rules; assassinations must be carried out in public spaces, creating resounding intimidation for other possible enemies. Never attack civilians. Only kill those who had perpetrated crimes against the community, they had to be patient, cold, and calculating, must be covert and they must protect The Order of the Assassins.

After the war Bradon didn't return directly to his home at Alamut instead he took his time traveling throughout the lands. He stopped in a small village near Alamut. There he met a girl named Anya.

Bradon was a fine looking young man and rarly had to try to get women to submit, Anya was different he spent eight months in that town trying to get her to notice him. Upon that time he learned much of her including the fact that she is of Assassin blood and against her father's wishes trained.

The more he tried to flirt the more hesitant she became. One day Bradon approached the lady and asked to speak to her in private. Once alone Bradon told Anya how he felt and she instantly fell for him the way he worded it was poetic. It was clear he was in love with her and her with him. Fear and unknowing is what kept them apart.

After dating for a while Bradon once again asked to speak to Anya but not in private this time at a party. In front of the countless guests he proposed exclaiming his love for Anya. Not too long after he told her of his heart and how much he loved her she accepted his proposal.

Bradon returned to Alamut with his bride and they had the ceremony there. After the wedding instead of enjoying the festivities there was a massive battle. Anya proved once again that she is of Assassin decent. The newly wed couple quickly won the battle with few of their own lives lost.

Bradon and Anya moved to a more secluded area only to be interrupted by catapult fire. By the time they returned to Alamut the stronghold was in ruins and abandoned. Furious with his brothers for abandoning their home Bradon assaulted the forces holding his home. He somehow miraculously reclaimed his home. He went and found the other assassins and explained the situation. The order once again had control over their fortress.

Anya and Bradon decided to move out of Persia to England. Bradon and his wife made their home in a castle in the mountains. They hired some servants that they treated like family. Not too long after they settled Bradon retired at the age of twenty-six. He wanted no more to do with the world of blood and wars he wanted to spend his years with his lovely bride. Leaving the assassin life behind they continued on.

Though retired himself Bradon wanted a son to carry on his assassin legacy and when Bradon found out Anya was pregnant he was full of hope. Anya made a mistake asking what if it was a girl and Brandon replied swearing if the baby was a girl then he would kill the child before it could take its first breathe. Knowing this Anya prayed it was a boy. She never understood why and refused to ask.

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