Chapter 8 Weapon of Choice

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Master Zion leads Serilda down a long hallway at the end is a pair of two large doors. Pushing them opened opening up to a large room the stone walls with hooks and mounts for every kind of weapon. In the center is the forge. Serilda has never seen so many weapons in her life.

"Welcome to my armory." Master Zion says walking to the center of the room. Serilda walks around the room awestruck. These aren't merely weapons they are masterpieces.

"Here's your final trial. You must choose a weapon, choose wisely for this weapon will be your foundation and tool to a successful assassination you must take care of them. You must never use your skills against the innocent or civilians. Do you understand?" The master looked at his student closely.

"Yes master Zion." Serilda walked toward the wall and grabbed the twin blades. The dark leather hilt builds effortlessly into a long blade perfectly balanced and shining. The second is a twin of the first. A mirror image she could imagine the blades dancing as she slayed her enemies soaking them in the blood of her targets.

"Master I choose these." Master Zion was shocked she chose two weapons and a dual bladed weapon.

"No you must choose one weapon." He explained. Serilda is a gifted warrior and student but she is not nearly as skilled to learn to wield two weapons.

"Oh okay." The master approached his student placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Why don't you sleep on it? This isn't a decision you make instantly you should consider each option." Serilda looked up at the master and nodded.

"Oh I almost forgot." The master pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Happy birthday Serilda." Serilda grabbed the gift and ripped it open to see a locket clicking it open inside was a portrait of her and Master Zion on one side and her and her family on the other. The artist got every detail exact.

"How did you—?" She was cut off by his chuckle. "Assassins never really retire dear it's always part of you." That translated to he snuck in to her house and stole it. The locket was her mothers.

"You misused your training?" She teased.

"No Serilda I used it to get something for a very special girl, now you will have both of your families with you." Master Zion said as he secured the locket around her neck.

"Let's go have dinner then cake." After a grand meal and cake Serilda went to bed. Unlike her thoughts the castle was silent.

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