Chapter 23 The Nightmare

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"Tai! Tai! Help. I'm trapped the fire it's everywhere!" Coughing Serilda scramble to find a way out of the ring of fire. Turning left she sees a tall blond women with crystal blue eyes in a black robe covered in blood.

In front of her on his knees is Tai his lip is split open and bleeding and his leg broken and twisted in a way that it should not be. The women pulls out a bronze sword not leaving Serilda's eyes as she swings it back. Dread fills her and Serilda focuses on Tai who has tears trailing down his face but a smile that said it all. Before the blade fell she could hear him scream 'Goodbye I love you.' The tearing of flesh and thunk of Tai's head falling to the ground rolling toward her while his body lay bleeding and limp at the woman's feet.

Serilda fell to her knees screaming it felt as though her heart was just ripped from her chest.

The woman looked at Serilda smiling joyously. Her wicked smile captivates Serilda's eyes and peer into her soul filling it with darkness. The smell of ash enters her lungs slowly suffocating her. The flames around her burning brighter and closer. The fringes of her clothes burn ready to consume her completely.

The wicked woman's blood curdling laugh is pure evil and fills the night with darkness and fear.

Shooting up from her sleep Serilda is gasping for air fear boring into her soul. Sweat soaking her body and tears running down her face. Tai wraps his arms around her holding her. His bare chest warming her freezing skin.

"What just happened did you just have a nightmare?" She didn't know what it was, that wasn't like a nightmare. It felt real but couldn't have been a nightmare.

"I don't know, I have never had a dream that has done that to me before."

"Done what to you?" He asks her brushing the hair from her face.

"Strike fear into my heart." She says with a hushed voice the terror and dread that filled her as she looked at him made her ill. The image of his head rolling across the ground is bored into her mind forever.

"I don't know what that was but now I have a feeling that something is coming." Tai pulls her back against him trying to sooth him. Staring at nothing as if she was in a trance. Her skin is ice cold and entire body is shaking out of fear.

"What, what is coming?" Pulled from her catatonic like state she looks up at the face she will forever love. Eye filled with fear, no terror.

"The darkness is coming."

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