Chapter 19 A Cold Response

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    A week has passed since she sent the letter and Serilda was starting to lose hope. Maybe her mother didn't get it or maybe she just burned it. Whatever the case she had given up on the hopes of her help.

Back on her own again her agony from the last two weeks carries on. All she's felt is agony. It's killing her staying away from him. She can't look at him anymore because when she does she has the urge to run over and kiss him and get on her knees and apologize.

But really doing that in front of Master and his six year old granddaughter, Lilly, who is visiting. No, might as well as give her two dead plucked chickens and tell her to fly and shove her off a cliff.

Master could see the tension between them and have put them in different sparring sessions. Serilda just want to be with him. She hates herself for not seeing such a good thing until it was gone.

Sitting on the bench outside she watches the sun go down. Lost in her own thoughts. She jumps when a small hand touched her shoulder. Knowing who it was she turns and sees Lily in her cute yellow dress with pink flowers. Her blond hair is in a braided ponytail that master sloppily made.

"Hey Serilda, whatcha doin?" Her cute smile cover most of her face.

"I'm just thinking while watching the sun set." She looked at the sun set still got a few minutes.Lilly runs around and climbs onto the bench beside her.

"It's pretty." She looks to the sun then back at Serilda.

"You're thinking about your boyfriend aren't you!" It was more a declaration than a question.

"He's not my boyfriend." She snaps at the little girl but that adorable smile grows back.

"Yeah and my toes are actually piggies." Serilda couldn't help but laugh at her attempted sarcasm.

"You do like him don't you!" Lilly jumped up and started dancing.

"You like him! You like him! You like him!" She teased dancing in a circle. When Serilda just frowned Lilly sat down again.

"Oh no you two got in fight, huh?" She didn't want to but she couldn't stop it. Tears swelled in Serilda's eyes slowly slipping down my cheeks.

"Wow that bad?" Lilly's voice was no longer one of joy and fun. Rather sadness and empathy.

"I told him I didn't like him, after he told me he like me. It was stupid. I was just fighting myself over." She choked and Lilly hugged her arm.

"Well do you like him?" Serilda wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffed.

"No, somehow I don't know when but I think I fell in love him. Being away from him it's killing me." Lilly was quiet then suddenly clapped her hands.

"I just remembered this came in the mail for you today." Wiping her nose Serilda took the letter and saw her parents ceal. Her mother wrote back! Swallowing and wiping the remaining tears from her eyes Serilda took a deep breath before opening the envelope.

Her Mother's lovely and unique hand writing was spread across the paper in her hand and she could see the ink smeared where tears had landed.

Dearest daughter,

I can understand why you haven't written before but after what happened, we just got you back and you left. I told your father he should go after you but he said that you weren't part of our family anymore because you had betrayed us. I wanted you to come home that's all I wanted. Once I saw the letter from you in the mail I thought you were going to be apologizing then come home but here you are asking me for boy advice. You wait a year to finally write and you are asking about boys honestly Serilda. You should be ashamed. But since we are on the subject. I suppose I could give you some advice.

What you need to do is suck it up and march over to him and tell him how you feel and the rest will play itself out. You just need to speak your heart and you have the most amazing and beautiful heart, and if you speak from your heart and he doesn't accept you then he is a fool and you deserve someone better but if he forgives you then trust me my dear he will be worth the pain, because he will love you forever. However if you mess up and break his heart again neither one of you will survive that tragedy. Though it was amazing to hear from you please do not write back your father would be furious and god knows what he would do. I do love you and I do forgive you and I hope what you have there, it makes you truly happy and this boy also makes you happy. If he doesn't just write to me and I will come and show him where he messed up.

Anya Gerald,

Your Mother

Serilda didn't realize it until she stopped reading that she cried the entire time she was reading. Her tears were out of happiness, love, and pain. She loves her mother but now she will never be able to write to her again. Refolding the paper and placing it back into the envelope Serilda felt empowered and glanced up at the sun again.

"So based on the tears she helped you, but there is something bad in there." Lilly's question reminded her that she wasn't alone.

"How do you know all this?" Lily smiled and giggled.

"I have ears silly." She was just too sweet.

"So do you know what you need to do?" The little girl asked. Serilda was gratful that Lilly was here she managed to help her through this without knowing anything.

"Yes, I need to be honest with him." Lilly smiled then looked to the sun.

"Oh! Look the sun it's setting." It's so amazing to watch the sun fall to the point that all you see is a line of light. Without another word Lilly jumped off the bench and skipped back to her room. A new day comes with new choices, new challenges and new threats.

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