Chapter 16 Early Return

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She reached the edge of the temple's property and felt as though she was finally home taking in a deep breath she walked on. Approaching he sparing yard she was surprised to see countless students sparring and training. She smiled glad to be finally home. Making her way straight to the Master's chambers she felt the eyes of several students as she passed them. Stopping at the chambers she banged on the door lightly.

"Come in." She heard the master's raspy voice. Pushing open the door he turned and frowned.

"Serilda? What on earth are you doing back here so soon?" The master didn't sound pleased about her return.

"I found out the secret and realized that there was nothing there for me anymore. So I came back here. My real home." She looked the master in the eyes as he examined her. A smile quickly shown on his face. He greeted her properly.

"It is good to have you back my student." He said pulling her to an embrace.

"It is good to be home, master." She was excited to be home. Home.

"Oh I almost forgot, Serilda I have a new student he came to me same as you did. Would you like to meet him?" The master explained curious to who found their way to this place as she did she simply nodded.

"Alright." He opened the door to the meditation room. And led her to he most beautiful person she have ever seen.

"Serilda this is my student, Tai Loufe. Tai this is one of my oldest students she has returned due to personal matters. She will be staying in the chambers across the hall from yours." The master informed him. Tai rose to his feet and greeted her.

"It is an honor to meet you Serilda, Master talks of you as if you are his own." Tai's voice was deep and rich. His eyes sparkled an enchanting emerald green, his caramel toned skin enhancing them. Raven black hair cut short in the back and is long in the front folding across his forehead. Sculpted features do not retain to his face his entire physique is exquisite. She didn't like how he made her feel it wasn't bad but it was unknown.

"Thank you it's nice to meet you as well, it's good to see master has new students." Her long hair fell into her face and she struggled to keep it back.

"Serilda you should get your hair trimmed." Tai suggested brushing a stray strand aside.

"Thank you but that won't be necessary." She said smiling pulling her hair back with a leather strap tying it into a neat braid.

"Serilda you know where your room is." She nodded and departed to her room. It was just as she left it.

She wasted no time unpacking her bag. She packed more than before. Her training clothes, shoes proper nightclothes and the case she made especially for her blades. Tucking the case under her bed she put the remaining items in the trunk at the foot of the bed.

Exhausted from her long trek she laid down on her bed. Sore feet taking all her attention. It was six in the morning when she arrived and she didn't stop traveling all night. She knew the way even in the dark. But now she was regretting the decision. Rolling off her bed she decided to tell her master that she will be taking a nap. Exited her room she nearly ran into Tai.

"So sorry." She said drowsily to him. He smiled and kept walking. Shaking off his effect on her she entered master's chambers.

"Master I extremely tired from my journey may I rest for a while?" She asked him formally.

Master sat at his desk writing something on a scroll. Finally he finished and put it up to dry. He reached into his drawer and grabbed a sealed scroll and tossed it to her.

"Here is your daily schedule. Since you are an advanced student you may sleep two hours earlier than Tai. And you have the responsibility to help him if he needs it. And yes you may rest, your training resumes tomorrow." Taking the scroll and a new set of trainee robes she returned to her room.

Dropping the items she kicked her door shut and collapsed on her bed. Out before she hit the pillow.

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