Chapter 1 The promise

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Long ago, on a dark night in England the midnight hour nearly past. the wife of Bradon Gerald a former Persian Nizari Ismailis assassin, is giving birth to their first child but Bradon is not present.

"Come on Madam Gerald one more push." Nurse Tia says. She is relieved with the wonderful sound of her baby's cries and sadness falls upon the nurses.

"What, what is it? Is the baby alright?" Anya asks the nurses.

"The baby is fine but we fear not for long." One of the nurses says.

"Madam Gerald it's a girl." Sadness falls upon the face of the mother as well. For the father wanted a son to carry on his assassin legacy. Before the mother could do anything Bradon entered. "Did I miss it?" He asks scanning the room taking in the sight of his saddened servants and mournful wife.

"I'm sorry sir." The nurses leave the baby in Anya's arms and scambling out of the room all whispering their apologies as they go. Confused Bradon looks to his wife for answers.

"It's a girl." Anya says with tears in her eyes. Anger rises in Bradon's eyes he takes the baby from the mother and pulls out a dagger.

"NO!" Anya screams freezing Bradon in place. "Why?" Anya takes a breathe.

"If you let her live I will give you two sons to carry on your legacy but if you don't you will get no further child from me." Anya says with fear but determination in her eyes.

"I went through ten hours of labor to bring that child into the world and I don't want to lose her." After moments of hesitation Bradon looks at the child her eyes open and meet his they are a perfect reflection of her mothers. The dagger drops from his hand and in seeing her beauty his face softens and carries her against his chest to the bedside where her mother watches and waits.

"Okay my dear as you say." Anya is relieved at hearing this but is surprised to find her husband so easily swayed.

The next day at breakfast, Bradon studies his wife's troubled face. "What is is Anya why the troubled look?" He finally asks.

"It is nothing my love, I'm only curious about why you were so easily swayed in letting our dear Serilda live?" She explained hesitantly.

"Do you wish I didn't spare her life?" Bradon questioned.

"No its just it was such a surprise and you aren't known for your flexibility. Why did you change your mind so easily?" She asked again Bradon sighs.

"I have foreseen that our daughter is to live and she is to do great things and bring honor to our family. Also she has your eyes. I could never harm you and I knew that harming her would in turn harm you." He explains.

"I couldn't refuse her the chance to do so." Anya wasn't expecting that, the rest of breakfast is silent. "Besides she's beautiful."

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