Chapter 2 Serilda

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Two years later Bradon requests his wife's presence in private.

"Anya I think we should just give up with trying to have a boy it is clear it is not going to happen." Saddened by this request Anya sighs.

"I too have been getting that feeling that all this was in vain I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill that promise." Bradon wraps Anya in his embrace.

"Mi dispiace il mio amore." Bradon whispers to his wife. Though living in England and training in Persia Bradon's original roots grow from Italy. He speaks the language fluently.

"I guess now we are stuck with her?" Anya says.

"Serilda will bring us honor and joy we will be fine with her as an only child." Brandon reassures her. Bradon and Anya spend some time together alone before rejoining their only child.

Serilda is now two years old she takes after her mother with looks. Beautiful black hair, blue eyes, amazing complexion. Serilda will no doubt be a sight to be seen when she is older.

Though young her personality seems to be a mix of both her parents. She has the temper and stubborness of her father and the kindness and honor of her mother. She also shares her father's curiosity and want for adventure.

Her ambition to please her father grows more as she ages. Her father shares his adventures as a Nizari Ismailis assassin as bedtime stories fascinating young Serilda by the stories. The stories begin to shape her and her way of thinking.

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