Chapter 9 Making Her Blades

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Serilda wasn't able to sleep her desire to forge her own weapon burning inside her mind. Once she heard Master Zion pass her door three times the final time going to his sleeping chambers. Around midnight with the moon high and full in the night sky she rose from her bed. The brilliant white rays of moonlight illuminating her room. Quietly as possible Serilda pushes open her window. Memories of the night she ran from home come back to her. How far she's come and how long it's been since that morning. She made her way to the armory.

"I will have both those blades I can do this." She thought to herself. After she reached the window leading into the armory Serilda peaked through no one was present in fact the house is silent which means she must be even more so. She had to get the molds for the swords. Pulling open the window she noted the rusty hinges keeping mind the creak they'd no doubt illicit. Stopping just before the sound got any louder than a mouse. There was just enough room for her to slip inside the room. Below the wall of weapons were the molds for each. Finding the one she needed she approaches to forge fanning the flames she began the long process of creating her weapons.

Working feverously throughout the night she took the blades one step further than what they were meant to be. Designing a mechanism that allows the blades to become one. A gap in the hilt of the right blade was in place. On the hilt of the other blade was a button that would make a metal gadget protrude from the hilt at an upright angle while the other was flat. The piece of metal fits perfectly into the gap of the other blade twisting the blade flattening it would lock them together.

She spent hours perfecting the device until the process was fluent and quick. After endless hours of working she returned the mold and placed the blade aside to cool. Proud of her stealth and cleverness with the mechanisms she didn't notice her master standing in the corner watching her. Unaware she took the same route to her room that she took to the armory.

Serilda slipped through her window. And slipped into bed.

"Hopefully Master Zion didn't hear that." She whispered to herself.

"Oh I did more than hear that." She let out a startled scream that made her fall out of bed. Serilda swallowed hard before speaking.

"Master how... I locked the door." She struggled to get the words out. "The same way you got out." He nodded to the window.

"Relax Serilda you weren't stealing or anything you are a guest in my home and you are free to do what you want. You should get some sleep. The sun is mere hours away." He said as he left.

"Goodnight my dear." Serilda didn't sleep until sunrise.

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