Chapter 15 Confrontation

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She joined her family at the table quietly eating their breakfast of bacon and eggs. Contemplating the time to confront her father on the disturbing subject she decides to do it now. Get it over with and hope that it doesn't destroy her family.

"So Father I read this book last early this morning and it was about an assassin who killed a princess," He stopped chewing and met his daughters eyes. No hint of reaction she continued. "After the deed was done he went into hiding changed his name, married and had a daughter. Never telling her about the secret." I stared him down. "A wicked secret kept in the confines of his daughters bed of which she had to tear open to retrieve. Only to find out her father killed a child. The assassin's name was Bradon Gerald." Rising from her seat she slammed her hands on the table.

"You heartless beast. You killed a CHILD! That was why you didn't want to teach me. You said wouldn't teach me was because I was a woman. When the truth is you just didn't want me to end up like you and learn your dirty secret. The day you killed her is the day that you lost your honor and you disgraced your name. I'm glad that I didn't learn from you. At least I will keep my honor and I will live by the Lasiq code. Protect those who cannot protect themselves, die for good, live to stop evil. Never attack the innocent, only kill those who had perpetrated crimes against the world. That is our code and I will live by it and keep my honor. Something you never could do." Her Mother slammed her cup on the table no longer able to stay silent.

"Enough Serilda you have no right to talk to your father like that." She stared at her cruelly. Serilda didn't back down.

"I have every right to do so. He has no honor thus I do not have to speak to him respectfully. I am disgraced to know what you have done. And you mother, you defend him after he killed a child." Mother nodded.

"For whatever reason he killed her it had to be a good one." I laughed at her words.

"His reason was to earn 500,000 pounds that's why he killed her and to prevent her from becoming like her mother. She wasn't even queen yet and you had no idea if she would be like her mother! You didn't even give her a chance!"

"Your father did what he did for money?" She said confused. "No it's not true he killed her because she did something wrong." Mother stayed to her words.

I shook my head. "What she did wrong was being next in line for the throne and soon to be queen. The only crime she had was not her own. Just being her mothers daughter was enough of a death sentence. She was ten Mom!" She said and watched as her mother's face was filled with hurt.

"Bradon." She turned to her husband. "Is it true? All that for money you practically collapsed the government." Her father swallowed hard.

"It's true my love, I did it all for the money. I destroyed my honor and disgraced my name just so I could get a big fancy house. And Support you. That is why I didn't want a daughter. Because it would remind me of what I did." He didn't dare look at either women.

"I shouldn't have done it. I regretted it the moment the money was in my hands. She was too young I had no right and I broke the code." He started to cry. "I failed my master." He recomposed himself.

"Serilda you have every right to speak to me like that and you have every right to be upset. I don't deserve forgiveness and I know I won't get any." He walked out of the room disappearing into his study before anyone could reply.

The room had gone silent as if the world froze. Mother walked upstairs to her room and closed the door lightly leaving Serilda alone in the dining room.

"What have I done? Did I just destroy my family?" She asked herself growling she retrieved her weapon from her room and made her way outside.

"I'm going to go spar." She said to herself. Sparing is her way of blowing off steam. She could feel her father's gaze from the window in his study. She didn't dare turn to face him. She simply continued her sparring.

Hours passed and she had exhausted herself. She now sat on the grass hill staring down to the woods. The exercise did nothing to sooth the anger inside. She had nothing left there and she had no true reason to stay. Getting to her feet she retrieved her things and left that night.

She left no note and said no goodbyes. She hated herself for feeling guilty for leaving but as the distance between her and the home that was once hers the guilt slowly turned to relief.

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