Chapter 5 The Journey

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During the night Serilda came across a camp of gypsies and stole one of their camels. After being gone for two weeks. She finally made it to Mongolian Valley following the instructions she memorized from the scroll she made a fire and burned blood wood and cow hide. It apparently gave the smoke a different color one it got higher into the air. She waited for countless hours keeping the blaze going and after three hours of waiting a man approached her from the shadows. A dark cloak wrapped around him hiding his face. She couldn't make out any details of his face except for the sharp chin and shadow of a beard.

"Why have you summoned me here child." The figure asked. Serilda stood without fear and said to the man.

"My name is Serilda Gerald daughter of Bradon and Anya Gerald. My father was a Nizari Ismailis assassin, he wanted a son to be his Nizari Ismailis legacy but instead he got only me. I asked him to train me but he refused and so I came to you Master Ragnar Zion to ask you to train me if you see me worthy." The man lifted his head and she felt his eyes examining her.

"Why did your father deny you training?" He finally asked not phased by his questions Serilda answers confidently.

"He said it was because I am a woman." She didn't hide her distaste in the opinion. Her father had always had a respect for women.

"Your heart is in it I can see that. I deem you worthy, I will train you but since you are so young I can only teach you so much." He explains removing his hood revealing the man beneath the cloak. Rough lines covered his face showing his age the beard was long and grey but well kept. His copper eyes shined with age as he looked at her.

"I do not care I welcome any training you offer me." Serilda said humbly.

"Very well but first tell me which path you want? The path of a Rafiq or a Lasiq?" Serilda knew the answer to that. Her father explained to her what they were and she listened with intent.

"I choose Lasiq, because they are trained to be the most skilled and feared assassins in the order." There was a silence between them before he spoke again.

"Very well you have chosen the path of the Lasiq, let us begin." Leaving her fire to die Serilda follows her new master into the shadows. He led her through the mountains to his stronghold Lamasar.

Now it finally begins.

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