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Mina's POV

"her father works in technology so maybe we could build a full college in the city completely with his products" my father said

"that could work, dad!" i said

Chaeyoung had left about an hour ago to meet with her father once again, my dad was coming up with sketches of what to do but was a little stuck.

"maybe Chaeng can sketch something" i suggested

he shrugged, "give her what i work on tonight and she add things"

i texted Chaeyoung and told her the plan so that she could talk to her dad first.


Chaeyoung's POV

my phone buzzed right as i walked in so i quickly checked it.

"Chaengie!" my father exclaimed, "welcome back!"

i shoved my phone into my pocket and stood in front of his desk, "what if i got a better deal?"

"what?" he tilted his head

"would you call it off if i got you a better deal?"

"what's the deal?"

"a whole college built with all products made by you. each student supplied with the newest technology"

"how would that make me money?"

"it wouldn't be a public school, duh" i said, "it'll be put in the middle of the city. art majors, acting, science and technology, everything people want in one location with the perfect resources and best teachers"

he smirked and leaned back in his chair, "you'll take good care of this company won't you?"

"plus" i added, "you get a combined company by me marrying Myoui Mina"

"the Myoui's?" he smiled, "and this is because you love her?"

i nodded, "and it's a better deal than giving half of your company to Mr. Min to add technology to clothing no one will buy"

"i suppose you're right" he laughed, "get me a contract and it's a deal"

did he just agree?

i smiled confidently, "got it" before walking out and basically skipping out


"Mina! Yoongi! Jimin!" i shouted down the halls of school the next day, "Nayeon! Jihyo!"

when i reached our meeting room, i stood by my seat, "i got a deal!" i exclaimed and they cheered with big smiles, "all i need is a contract. Myoui, what'd you get?"

"a contract and a sketch that you need to finish"

"my mom said yes too" Sana announced

"she's really good at convincing" Yoongi stated, making Dahyun look to her, "she bargained and fought it out until her mom agreed, i'm impressed"

"you did that?" Dahyun asked

Sana nodded shyly, "i-i mean.. yeah"

when the younger turned with a smile, Sana mouthed a 'thank you' to Yoongi, who just smiled in return. Jimin has to appreciate that he's a good guy now. it'd be dumb if he didn't.

"now it's time to talk to my father" Yoongi stated with a slight tremble visible in his voice, "we get these new contracts and deals written up then we meet him on Friday, alright?"

Jimin's small hand made its way to the others as he smiled at the group, "we got this guys. only a few days to prepare. be ready"

the older smiled and watched as we cheered and Jimin held his hand for real.




thank you for 2k reads omg!! it's a pretty big deal for me so yeah it means a lot! 💜💜

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thank you for 2k reads omg!! it's a pretty big deal for me so yeah it means a lot! 💜💜

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