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"CHAENG!" i shouted from downstairs

jeez, what is that cub doing?

then there was a bunch of loud noises followed by a "owww"

i rushed upstairs to see Chaeyoung sitting down rubbing her foot.

"what did you do now?" i asked as i kneeled next to her

she looked up at me, "well, you put my mic too high and then it came crashing down. then it landed on my foot"

"why are you reaching for that? we have somewhere to be" i shook my head, "you could've just asked me to get it"

she slowly got up and finished getting ready by adding her jacket to her outfit, "why did you plan a double date anyways?"

"because they're our friends and we should see them" 

"what about my dad?" she asked, "i should be dealing with that"

i went to her and back hugged her, "that'll work out just fine. don't worry"

she blushed slightly and kissed my cheek before running downstairs, "c'mon! we have a date!"

"aish, this cub.." i mumbled


"Mina! Chaeng!" Nayeon called from the pizza restaurant 

we waved before going to their table, "how're things going?"

"good" Momo answered and smiled at Nayeon

she blushed, "Momo is very cheesy"

"is she?" Chaeng asked

"she brings me flowers often and facetimes me every morning" Nayeon answered

"only the best for my bunny" Momo added

i looked at Chaeng and we made disgusted faces before looking back to the food, "new couples are so clingy" i said

"yeah, you'd know" Chaeyoung joked

i pushed her lightly, "shut up, you like it"

then they looked at us with the same looks we had before. we all started laughing and ate our pizza while talking about our current lives.


when we finished the food, the four of us decided to go on a walk. Chaeyoung climbed a ledge and i held her hand so she wouldn't fall. 

"so cute" Nayeon said when they looked at us

Momo laughed as she was carrying Nayeon on her back.

"why don't you carry me, Mina?" Chaeyoung asked

i laughed, "you said you wanted to walk on this" i pointed to the ledge she was on

she jumped down and i rolled my eyes before leaning down so that she could get on my back. Chaeyoung got on my back and we continued our walk. "how is this a walk when our girlfriends aren't walking?" i asked 

"whatever my bunny wants is what she gets" Momo answered 

i rolled my eyes, "damn. already whipped, huh?"

"she's been whipped for a while, Mina" Nayeon chimed in

"are you saying that you aren't?" Chaeyoung asked while her head was cuddled in my neck

"that's different" i replied, "plus, i don't have to be carrying you right now so don't make me annoyed"

she nodded and held on tighter as she kissed my neck lightly.


the four of us arrived at a karaoke place and got a private room. Momo serenaded Nayeon with multiple songs while Chaeyoung did the same to me. Nayeon sang her song to Momo but i didn't want to sing just yet.

"c'mon Mina!!" Chaeyoung whined, "pleeeaaassee"

i rolled my eyes again, "i don't wannaaa"

she sat on my lap, "i'll kiss you if you don't"

"why would she care about that?" Nayeon asked

"she hates PDA" she answered 

i still didn't budge, "you do too"

"not as much as you" she said, leaning closer to my face

i tried to move my face away but she held it in place. she finally kissed me and i felt my cheeks heat up. i pushed her away and grabbed a mic, "jeez, okay fine."

"whipped!" NaMo cheered and laughed while Chaeyoung just smirked at me

"what would you like me to sing, Chaengie?" i asked while handing her the remote to choose a song

she chose the song, "say yes" so i sang to her. 

I like this familiar feeling

I like the clumsy way you talk

How about you, what do you think of me me me, answer me

Please say Yes



very short chapter but like i said, they're gonna be short from now on until i decide to finish this book (which will be soon). i'm really unmotivated with this book idk why. i just have no idea where the storyline is going anymore but since it's popular ig i'll finish it.

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