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Chaeyoung's POV

I couldn't focus at all the whole hour of class. Mark kept stealing glances at Mina. I just wanted to punch him in his stupid fuckboy face of his. Who is he to come back after what he did? Mina is smarter now. She won't fall for his bullshit. Right?

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Mina grabbed my hand, "Yah, Chaeng, class is over now" she smiled her same gummy smile

"Ah, sorry" I started to put my stuff away

"What were you thinking about?" she asked, looking straight past me and at Mark as he walked out

I looked to where she was and saw Mark. I scoffed, "Nothing. Don't worry about it"

She and I started to walk out, "Even though I know you're not telling me something, I won't ask again"

"Can I talk to you?" a voice asked from behind us

I turned to see Mark smirking at Mina, "U-um.." Mina struggled to find an answer

He reached for her hand but I moved in front of her and pushed him away, "Whatever you have to say, you can say it here"

"I can't actually, it's personal" he replied

"Ah, that's too bad because you know she'll just tell me anyways" I smiled at him

Mina signed, "I'll meet you at the table, okay?" she started to walk with him but I grabbed her hand

"Seriously?" I looked at her eyes as a frown came over my face

Mark grabbed the hand I had away from me and pulled Mina away. We didn't lose eye contact until the turned a corner.

Mina's POV

I knew Chaeyoung would be hurt by me going with him, but what am I supposed to do? He's not going to leave me alone. I might as well listen to him first.

We walked through the halls and eventually made it to the roof and I finally pulled my hand away from him.

"Thanks for-"

"Just say what you need and get it over with" I cut him off

He looked surprised, "O-okay.." he laughed, "You're different

"Yeah, I don't fall for fuckboys now" I crossed my arms

"Chaeng turned you into her, didn't she?"

"Minus the violence"

He smiled, "I've missed you, Mina" he put his hand on my cheek

I grabbed his hand and twisted it then pushed him away, "Yah! That hurt!"

"Did I give you permission to touch me?" I said

"Look, I'm just trying to go back to how things were. I'm sorry for what happened. I was an idiot, but i'm not like that anymore" he fiddled with his hands

I laughed, "I don't want to go back to how it was before so you should just leave me alone"

"Just listen to me" I started to walk away and he grabbed my wrist tightly, "Yah! We're not done"

I tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he was too strong, "Let go!" I started throwing punches at his chest and he pulled me closer

"Go out with me" he said with a sly smile

"No" I finally pushed myself off of him

"Fine" he said while backing up near the edge of the building, "I'll jump them" he stepped onto the ledge (A/N: stop stop it music video anyone?)

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