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Mark started to slide his hand down my body, caressing every part of my top before making it to my shorts. he tugged at the button and finally got it while he continued to shove his tongue in my mouth. then he grabbed me and laid me on the bed, climbing on top of me so i couldn't move. he pulled my shirt off and covered my mouth as he kissed and licked my body all over. i squirmed and squealed to try and get him to stop, but he just tightened his grip on me and ignored my cries for help.

"M-Mark, p-please don't do this" i said when he removed my hand

"do what, baby?" he asked with a disgusting perverted smirk on his ugly face (a/n: sorry mark)

his hand went to my thigh as he started to squeeze it, i blinked tightly as tears started to roll down my face, "please Mark, don't"

"i'm just trying to please you, baby" he said as he kissed my neck

"you aren't pleasing me, please just get off"


Chaeyoung's POV

Mina and i were supposed to be at this party together. where was she? i looked around the backyard then back to my friends, "did you guys see where Mina went?" i asked 

"i saw her look at her phone then go inside" Jungkook replied and the rest shrugged (a/n: lmao i almost typed jungshook)

"who is at this party?" i asked, feeling a gross feeling in my stomach

"what do you mean?" Yoongi asked, suddenly sitting up and getting worried, "what's wrong?"

i started to breathe heavily, "is Mark here?" i shut my eyes and waited for his answer

"i-i think so, why?" he answered and i instantly shot up, "guys, look for her!" Yoongi exclaimed as every member got up and started searching

i ran over to Momo, Jihyo, and Tzuyu to tell them what was happening, "she's probably in the bathroom calm down" Jihyo answered with a slur while the others nodded

"why the fuck did you guys all get drunk, fuck" i muttered, glaring at the viciously 

i ran away from them and into the house, i pushed everyone out of my way and found JB and Jackson sitting on a couch, "where the fuck is Mark?!" i exclaimed, making them jump up

"how would i know?" Jackson replied, smirking at me, "why?"

"i swear to fuck if he's hurting her.." i mumbled and they looked at me with concerned faces then we all shot up when we heard a scream

the couch was right by the stairs so only we heard it, Yoongi was right next to me and raced after me when i sprinted up the stairs. i found a note on a door, 'Mina' i ripped the note off of the door and tried to open the door


Mina's POV

Mark continued to lick and suck on parts of my body as i kept trying to break free. i finally pushed him off and tried to run to the door but he grabbed me and pulled me back, slapping my face and pinning me back onto the bed.

"don't do that, bitch" he glared at me 

i started crying harder than i was before as his hand went down to my underwear, i tried to scream but nothing was coming out. i calmed my breathing and found the strength.

"Mark, please" i muttered, "don't"

"shut up"

"fine.." i mumbled and took a deep breath

he saw that i was going to scream and covered my mouth so i bit his hand, he screamed instead. a loud girl like scream that made my eardrums hurt. 

"fuck!" he exclaimed

then we heard footsteps rushing to the door and the doorknob jingling as someone was trying to open it.

"Mina! are you in there!?" it was Chaeyoung, she yelled through the door 

"Chaeyoung!" i screamed before Mark could cover my mouth 

i then heard a loud bang as Chaeyoung broke the doorknob and came rushing in. she pulled Mark off of me and started punching him repeatedly, "what the fuck did i tell you, Mark!?" then i heard a noise and Mark yelped in pain before Yoongi pulled Chaeyoung off of him

after the fight, she slowly turned to me, who was crying with my pants and shirt missing from my body. she ran to my and pulled me into a hug, "are you okay? did he hurt you? i'm so sorry"

i didn't say anything, instead i just wrapped my arms around her and continued crying.


Yoongi and the other members threw Mark out and told him that if he came near me again, they'd break his other arm so Mark ran away in fear and pain as he held his arm tightly. i can't believe Chaeyoung actually broke his arm. i'm sure of how i feel now...

i finally broke the hug and stared at her in the eyes as she rubbed my red cheek with her thumb, "i love you Chaengie, not in a friend way"

she froze and i leaned in to kiss her, it was really slow but felt like it was meant to happen. i wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her onto me as we kept kissing. after the kiss broke, she just hugged me again, "i love you, Mina... i'm so happy that you're not hurt"

"i'm so happy that i have you, Chaengie" i mumbled


shorter because i didn't feel like writing more. idk i'm really bored with this story so i'm not sure if i'll keep it going or not. if i decide not to, it'll end with the next chapter. if i don't, there will be more drama n shit to happen. i probably won't write much smut or anything either bc i'm bad at writing that stuff lol. okay, bye

p.s this is late but i wanted to say it in this book: change's birthday just happened wooo

s this is late but i wanted to say it in this book: change's birthday just happened wooo

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she'll aways be our baby cub tho 

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