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Yoongi's POV

"you been friends with Chaeyoung long?" i asked as we walked through the schools hallway

she nodded, "we lost touch during high school, for obvious reasons"

"and i'm one of those" i laughed awkwardly

"but you're a good guy" she looked to me reassuringly, "we were mad, but you really are a good guy. i'm glad we have you and not some douche"

i laughed for real, "thank you"

"so.. what happened with Jimin?"

"family stuff" i sighed, "i'm trying to get him to forgive me for it"

"i'm sure he will" she said, "i'm trying to get Dahyun to believe that i won't cheat on her"

"have you done it before?"

she shook her head, "people think i'm flirting when i'm not then they give me their numbers, like in restaurants and stuff like that"

"i just smile at them and it means i want to fuck or something" she added, making us both start laughing

"well, i'll tell her you're a good person" i said, "even if it doesn't help, i'll still do it"

"thanks. for that, and for helping with this" she smiled, "i hope Jimin comes around"


we drove for about an hour into the city where her mom's office was, right in the middle. of course it would be, makeup brands need attention. 

"we're here, Sana" i said softly, waking her up

she rose and shook the sleepiness away, "okay, let's do this" she got out and walked determinedly to the office 

i laughed and followed her into the building, walking more like a normal person than her.

"Sana!" her mom greeted when we finally reached her office on the top floor

my eyes explored the items set perfectly placed on each of the many shelves. awards, pictures, samples, everything you'd think someone like her would have. then they reached the view of how high we truly were. i could see the whole city.

"woah" i muttered 

"who's that?" her mother questions

"oh, we came with a business proposition" she answered, hitting my arm to make me focus

i turned to face her and bowed, "hello, ma'am, my name is Min Yoongi. son of-"

"Min Corp" she finished for me, "i know"

"what brings you here?" she asked

"as you know, my father is the type to make many deals and his latest is probably the worst" i said with a slight frown but not changing into a sad mood, "he wants me to marry into another company"

"hm" she hummed, "and you want me to help you out of it?"

"if you one of your brands, like makeup or clothing, with my fathers, you both will make millions and you'll save two teenagers who are only trying to protect a family"

"protect a family?" she tilted her head

"Chaeyoung's family" Sana spoke up

her mother straightened. she seems to have a soft spot for Chaeyoung.

"if we didn't agree my father would've ruined their lives, ma'am" i said, "and Chaeyoung is in love with someone already"

"she is?" she shook her head and smiled, "Mina.."

"h-how.. how'd you know that, mom?"

"i've seen those two at your sleepovers, always stealing glances" she smiled again, "maybe we can work something out"

"really?" we both chirped

she nodded, "he'll have no idea any of you were apart of this, don't worry"

"thank you, ma'am" i smiled 

"business partners now, huh?" she said and held out her hand

i gladly shook it and smiled, "i guess so"




again, short chapter

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