c h a p t e r f i v e : y o u j e a l o u s, c h a e n g i e?

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Back during their class where Mark had just walked in:

"What the hell is he doing here?" Chaeyoung asked, clenching her fists

Mina noticed Chaengs fists and put her hand onto hers, "I don't know and don't care, just leave him alone"

"What if he tries something?"

Mina laughed, "Like what?"

"Hello, I'm Mark, you may know me from before. Now I am back due to a house move" he brightly said as he stared directly at Mina

"I swear to god..." Chaeng mumbled, Mina squeezed her hand

"Just ignore him"

"You can sit in the seat beside Mina"

Chaeng noticed that she was referring to her seat, "What? I sit here, miss"

Mark smirked at Chaeyoung then looked back to Mina

"Let the new student sit there, he is new after all" she replied

"No" she boldly replied

"Excuse me?"

"He bullied Mina last time he was at the same school as us, so it wouldn't be a good idea"

Mark frowned, "What? That's not-"

"It's true miss" Mina spoke up

She sighed, "In that case, please next to Chaeyoung instead" she pointed to the empty seat next to her

"How the hell do I ignore him when he's right next to me?"

Mina and Chaeyoung watched him sit down as he turned and smirked to them, "Long time no see, huh?"

Chaeyoung turned to face him and whispered, "Go near Mina and I'll break your arm"

He surrendered by putting his hands up slightly, "Got it" and he smirked to Mina again

Chaeyoung was about to say something to him but Mina grabbed her arm, pulling her away from Mark, "Just let it go. He won't try anything" she smiled her gummy smile, making Chaeyoung calm down and smile back

"Class, we'll begin now" the teacher said, making everyone face forward


i'm trying to update a lot, but i got sick and wasn't feeling like writing so here's this. it's really short but whatever. sorry. also i don't hate mark, in fact he's my bias wrecker, but i didn't know who could play this f boy/ex boyfriend character so i choice him. idk, again sorry.

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