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Mina's POV

Chaeyoung agreed to meet up, kind of. i doubt that it was actually her typing since she never replies like that. i was waiting by my locker when i saw her walking toward me.

her eyes were glued to the floor and she had her hands stuffed in her pockets so much to he point where she was actually flexing a little.

even though she was close, she didn't look at me.

what's going on with her?

why does she always act like this?


once we left the studio, we were engulfed in silence again. i wanted to talk to her but i didn't want to push her.

something was telling me that it hurt her to see me too but i still missed her.



i don't miss her.

i feel bad for her.

"does he treat you well?" i asked

even though it caught her by surpise, she still nodded and went back into quiet.

"so you're.. happy?"

she paused for a moment but nodded again.

i sighed, "the song was good"

"thanks." she replied coldly

she was starting to frustrate me with these one word answers and slow nodding.

"are you planning on ignoring me the whole walk?" i asked suddenly

Chaeyoung stopped walking and thought for a moment before sighing and turning her body to face me.

she finally looked up and stared me in the eyes. i felt my face heat up and my heart started racing.

why is this happening to me?

"why would you want me to talk to after what happened?" she asked with her eyes full of pain

"i don't know why we're partners, honestly" i answered, "but we need to talk to each other"

she sighed, not breaking her eyes away from mine.

"would you like me to ask you how Jimin treats you? what kinds of dates you go on? if you love him?"

she looked really sad and i couldn't reply, "huh? how does he treat you? does he make you laugh? does he make you happier than i did?"

i started to tear up at the thought of our past "he makes me a million times happier than you did when you chose a fake love over a real one" i suddenly blurted out

she finally broke the eye contact, "you think i feel good about that? about hurting you? seeing you cry like that?"

"obviously you don't know me or you would know how much i cared for you and how much it hurt me when you left"

i felt my eyes start to tear up, "if you cared for me, you wouldn't have abandoned me"

"i only agreed to what dad said because i didn't have any reason to decline it"

"and the last time i checked.." she stared back up at me, "you're the one who left me" she added

instead of waiting for my reply, she left and sped up since we were very close to her house. i felt tears start to fall from my eyes.

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