c h a p t e r f o u r : t h e p a s t

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Flashback to last year:

"Mark, I have to go to class" Mina said, giggling as Mark tickled her

He smiled at her, "No, stay with me for just ten more minutes"

"Seriously, I'll get in trouble if I'm late"

"Aish, promise me that you'll meet me for lunch then" he said, holding out his pinkie finger

She thought about it for a moment. I'm supposed to meet Chaeng, but she won't mind, "Okay, fine" they intertwined pinkies and Mark kissed her, leaving Mina blushing and rushing to her next class

Time skip

"Okay, so you're gonna hang out with him, what's the big deal?" Sana asked

Mina sighed, "Chaeyoung doesn't like him as it is, me ditching her for him will make it worse"

"She'll get over it, you guys are practically attached by the hip, just tell her that you can take care of yourself" Nayeon suggested 

"Yeah, right. Chaeyoung is so overprotective, she promised that she'd never let me take care of myself" 

"Little clingy, huh?" Dahyun said whilst sitting on Sana's lap

"Says you" Nayeon said and Sana punched her in the arm

Nayeon was going to hit her back when Momo sat in between them, "No fighting, you'll hurt my food" 

Jeongyeon sat down with them as well as Chaeyoung, "Okay, well I have to go, bye"

"Where?" Chaeyoung asked

Mina turned around slowly, biting her lip, "Um.. to meet up with Mark"

Chaeyoung raised an eyebrow, "Okay... Have fun?" 

"Really? You're not mad or anything?" 

"You guys are dating... why would I care that you guys hang out" she said coldly, Mina knew she cared

"Have fun" Jihyo said and winked at her

Mina made a confused face, "Use protection" Jeongyeon said and Chaeyoung hit her arm

"Oh god, you guys need a bible" Mina said, looking grossed out

(A/N: Sorry I have a dirty mind I just had to put something like that in I- whatever bye)

Mina quickly walked through the halls and was pulled into an empty classroom, "Yah!" she was greeted by Mark who kissed her

"You scared me" she hit him, "Don't do that!"

"Sorry, I missed you"

"We've literally been separated for an hour"

"That's too long" he said and kissed her again

Mina pulled away first when the bell rang, "I'll see you after school" she kissed his cheek and left

Chaeyoung really was bothered by Mina and Mark. She didn't know why, though. 

"Chae, you okay?" (lol that rhymed)

She looked up at Jeongyeon, "Yeah, I'm fine.. I was just-"

"Thinking about Mina?"

She hit her again, "Yah! Stop that"

"Stop what?" Jeongyeon laughed

"You keep making me seem like I have a thing for Mina"

"Don't you?" she laughed again

I hit her arm harder, "No! We're f r i e n d s, just friends"

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