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the sketch of the college was done in two days. making a building was harder than i thought. we talked to Sana's mom in order to get her to agree to move her building for this new one.

"mom, there's one more thing" Sana said when her mother sat down in front of the nine of us in her living room where our blankets were messily piled all over

"anything" her mother replied

Sana looked to the group who nodded back to her, "the building we want to make has to be in the center of the city, but your main building is there already"

"if it's too much to ask, we can find another spot-" i started

"the spot where i am currently is too large for my company, we need to move spots eventually. i think we already have a spot down the street which fits us better" her mother smiled at me, "i think i can give the land a good sale for your fathers" she nodded to Mina and me

"i can't thank you enough, ma'am, i don't have a way to repay you" i said with almost tear filled eyes, "i hope you know how truly grateful i am"

"and i'm grateful that you've made my Sana so happy for so long, having friends is cool, but having a family like you guys is much better. now don't make a mess and get sleep, it's a school night" she said before walking out of the room.

now it was friday, the day of the meeting. Sana, Yoongi, Mina, and i were present along with our parents. my father and Yoongi's sat in the front with us across from each other, facing front.

"hello, Mr. Min and Mr. Son" Sana's mother began

i held Mina's trembling hand under the table and glanced at her before looking to the two who were talking, "we have come together in order to benefit all parties" her father spoke

"my clothing line and makeup line with pair with yours, earning millions of dollars of profit in only a few months. you'll get 50% of the profit as well as more female shoppers"

"i will began building a new college with top of the line education and your technology in the center of the city where Mrs. Minatozaki's building currently resides" he spoke, "this will be a private college but will get many students due to those wanting the education"

"students will want to go to the same place their friends go to, and because this school has it all, they can" i spoke

"it has music as well as more professional majors like science and technology" Mina added

Yoongi's father nodded with a straight face.

"we will also be combining my company with Mr. Son's by marrying our children, which will cause your contract to end" Mina's father said

"the profit will be greater if i take this deal with Mrs. Minatozaki, but i need to know one thing" Yoongi's father finally spoke, "is this because of the children that you are making these deals?"

"of course not, Mr. Min" Sana's mother spoke, "they are friends of my children, but in all honesty, i want my company to make profit. it will with this deal"

"and you?" he turned to Mina's father

"i had been planning a school for a short time but needed reliable technology to make it, which i know i can find with Mr. Son's company, i wasn't even aware of the current contract as my daughter and Chaeyoung haven't spoken since middle school" he replied

Yoongi's father nodded and stood, my father followed him out of the room.

"breathe, kids" Mr. Myoui said, "it's gonna end soon, just breathe"

i listened and took a deep breath, the others did the same. i looked to where the two men were, it looked like they were considering it, which was a good thing.

once they came back, they sat and gave their answer. which shocked us all.

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