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(A/N: on the last chapter i meant Chaeng's but autocorrect changed it to change lol sorry)

i walked Mina home last night to make sure she'd be alright. i also promised that we'd go get breakfast today to cheer her up. i woke up early and drove to her house.

"morning!" she said brightly while walking down the stairs

i smiled when i saw her, "you're happy today"

"you make me happy" her words made me blush slightly

we got to a cafe close by and ordered food. it was a friend of mine's cafe, so we got a good price.

"you finally came to check the place out" a voice said from the side of our table

i jumped up and hugged her, "Jennie!" 

"how's the service?" she asked as we broke the hug and i sat back down

Mina and i put up a thumbs up, "who's this?" Mina asked after

"this is Jennie, my family is close to hers"

"correction, after you, i'm her beset friend" Jennie said with a smile

Mina looked slightly jealous so i spoke up, "how's Jisoo? you guys dating yet?"

"u-uh" Jennie turned red and laughed awkwardly, "i-i haven't asked her yet"

Mina's jealously went away and she joined the conversation, "who's Jisoo?"

"Jennie has had a crush on her for a couple years now" i said and laughed, "she's in love"

Jennie hit my arm, "n-no i'm not"

Jisoo suddenly came up behind us and rested her head on Jennie's shoulder, "whatcha talking about?"

"this is Jisoo" i pointed out and Mina gave her a friendly smile

"i'm Mina by the way" she said and bowed to them

"oh, we know" Jisoo said, "Chaeng talks about you a lot"

i blushed again and hit her, "i mention you sometimes"

"yeah, sometimes as in all the time" Jennie added and they laughed, "are you guys dating?"

they wriggled their eyebrows and i froze, "u-uh we're just-"

"yes, we're dating" Mina blurted out, making my blush brighten and they just said 'aww'

"w-we are?" i asked once Jennie and Jisoo walked away

"don't you want to?" 

"i-i mean yeah, but-"

"but nothing, you're my girlfriend now, okay?" 

i nodded and hid my face, "don't hide it, it's cute" she said and moved my hands from my face with a smile. the same gummy smile that made me fall in love with her.


the following week had been filled with us going on multiple dates. we went to the arcade, pool, a club, the same cafe, and dinner. basically a new date everyday. 

"finally" jihyo said after we told her, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Momo, Sana, and Tzuyu the news about us dating

"did Chaeng finally confess or did Mina beat you to it?" Momo asked

Mina smiled at me, "i beat her to it"

"yeah, after i saved her from Mark" i said and they gasped, "she's fine. he didn't touch her"

"did you break his arm?" Dahyun asked

i nodded and they laughed, "good, he deserved it" Nayeon said

"what about you guys? anything new?" i asked

"Nayeon has a thing for Jeongyeon and Momo at the same time, Dahyun likes Sana, and Tzuyu is just.. Tzuyu" Jihyo said

Mina nearly spit out her water, "wait Nayeon, what?"

"i um.. well, it's complicated" she said and blushed

"she likes me more" Jeongyeon stated

Momo hit her, "no, she likes me more"

they started hitting and pushing each other until Jihyo hit them both harder than they were, "shut up already" she rubbed her temples, "jesus these gays.."

"are you guys dating?" i motioned towards Sana and Dahyun

they looked at each other and blushed then back to us, "okay.. that answers that question" Mina said while i just laughed

"Nayeon, aren't you going to have to pick one of them eventually?" i asked

she nodded, "i might have already, but i don't want to hurt anyone"

Momo and Jeongyeon shot their eyes to her, "what?!" they said at the same time

"stop copying me" Momo said and hit Jeongyeon again

"shut up, it's me" Jeongyeon said and hit her back

Nayeon smiled at them, "it's kind of cute how they fight though.."

"who is it?" i whispered to her

she leaned towards me and whispered, "starts with an 'M' and she is a pabo" then she moved away and started laughing again (A/N: sorry i'm a NaMo shipped yIkEs)

"really?!" i said they both looked at me

"did you tell her?!" they said again at the same time

Momo hit Jeongyeon and smiled cutely at Nayeon, making her blush. Jeongyeon looked at them both, "did you pick her? what? why? i'm so much better!"

Momo hit her out of her seat and laughed, "no you're not!"

"i'm not a pabo!" she exclaimed

"i'm not even going to fight you because i already won" she said and laughed as Jeongyeon glared at her

Momo got up and grabbed Nayeon's hand before leading her out of Jennie's cafe. they walked out and left Jeongyeon on the ground.

"well shit" Jeongyeon said

"language!" Jihyo exclaimed, making my ears feel like they'd start bleeding. why is she so loud?

"sorry, god" Jeongyeon said and we all laughed again


"that was a weird breakfast" Mina said as she was laying on my chest in my bed

i was brushing my fingers through her hair, "at least someone is happy"

"Jeongyeon can find someone else" she looked up at me, "what do you mean by that?"

i looked at her, "hm? nothing.."

"Chaeng.." she put her hand on my face and stroked my cheek with her thumb

i sighed, "i have a meeting with my dad later.."


"he's kind of homophobic.." i mumbled but she managed to hear me

"is he going to break us up?"

"that's not what i'm worried about.." i kissed her head, "i overheard a phone call that my mom was having with him"


shorter chapter today but i guess i'm gonna keep this going since it's my most popular story, idk why. i'm probably going to make it shorter anyways though because i really don't have inspiration for it. sorry if it ends in a way you don't want it to or if you don't ship NaMo lmao. it won't end too soon because i'll probably make a few more chapters (short-ish ones) about them as a couple then i'll move onto what happens with Chaeng's dad. the continuation of this will probably happen in like two or three more chapters because i'm going to write a few of their dates/relationship. then there will be stuff that happens or whatever. at most, there will be probably twenty chapters but i could write less than that. which is only ten chapters, sorry.

anyway, have a good day (or night)! byeeeeee

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