c h a p t e r s e v e n t e e n : m a y b e

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Chaeyoung's POV

Yoongi had stopped playing piano and walked back over to me.

"can you tell me what's wrong now?" he asked softly

i sighed, "we talked about our past and it just made me sad" i rubbed my eyes, "she just asked me things about us and i guess i snapped"

he just stayed silent and sat next to me, wrapping his arm around me and hugging me.

"i'm sorry" i mumbled

"for what?"


he laughed and looked at me, "you don't have to apologize for that, Chaeng"

"i don't know what to do, Yoongs" i responded, "i'm in love with her but she doesn't see it"

"nor does she care" i added

he sighed, "maybe she does now"

"but she doesn't-"

"aish, you two are oblivious aren't you?" he scoffed

i sighed and didn't respond because i know he won't give up on this.

"don't be so dense" he added

i rolled my eyes, "it's my turn"

"your turn?" he tilted his head to the side

"you tried to set me up with Mina and now it's my turn to set you up with Jimin" i smirked and got up

Yoongi choked on air and scrambled to his feet, "n-no!"

he grabbed my arm but i slid away, grabbed my jacket, and rushed out the door.


i stuffed my hands inside of my pockets and basically slipped down the sidewalk. just the thought of Yoongi being happy with Jimin made me excited.

suddenly i stopped walked and stared down at the ground, "how am i gonna find Jimin?"

i pulled out my phone and dialed a number i haven't since summer.


Mina's POV

Jimin and i were in the same position. still. the tears finally dried and i was left here in his arms. my body felt weak. how could i love Chaeyoung? she left me. she left me for Yoongi. they aren't faking. she likes him. she's going to marry him.

"Mina.." he said softly

i nodded and looked up, "are you okay?" he asked

"i um.. yeah"

"it's late" he mumbled, "i.. i better go.."

i moved carefully away from him and nodded, wrapping my arms around my legs and laying my head onto my legs.

"we're still friends, right?" he mumbled

my head was confused. my heart was confused. but with all that aside, i didn't want to lose Jimin. "deal" i managed to mutter out

he smiled and pat my head before kissing my forehead softly and walking out of my room. now i was alone to think. but nothing was coming to mind besides..


maybe i..


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