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"we should probably start coming up with a plan now" Yoongi spoke up after a few minutes of silence. really awkward silence.

good to know that everyone is aware of my sex life.

"our fathers set a date for the wedding" he continued


i didn't tell Mina yet.

i looked over to her and saw her slight glare at me, "which is in two weeks" her face turned into shock as she looked back to Yoongi

"that's not a lot of time" Jihyo said

"i know, that's why we have to work fast" he said, "ideas?"

i cleared my throat, "if your dad got a better deal, he'd drop this one"

he smirked, "and this school is filled with a bunch of CEO's kids, good one"

"but which company would actually do it?" Nayeon asked

"are any of your parent CEO's?" he asked the group

the only that raised their hands were Sana, Mina, me, Nayeon, and Yoongi

"what if my father made the same deal?" Mina finally spoke, making the group turn their focus to her

"i mean, we wouldn't mind getting married because we're already dating" she shrugged

"it would have to get my father something too" he replied, "that only ties your company to Chaeng's. my dad won't settle for that"

"how about if two companies come together with better offers?" Jeongyeon asked

"what would the offers be?" i asked

"my mother's company is a very famous makeup brand, multi-million dollar company" Sana said, "your dad has a business clothing line, right? what if we pair the two?"

"that could work" Yoongi said, "then what could your company offer" he turned to Mina

"my father runs and builds schools all over the country, her father makes technology. we could put his technology inside of them" she responded, "and to combine the companies, we can get married"

"i think you just want to get married, huh?" i said with a smirk

she blushed and smiled, "maybe.."

"this could work, guys" Yoongi said, "this could really work"

"we just have to get our parents to accept them" i said, "so Sana, talk to your mom with Yoongi while i go with Mina"

everyone stood up and did a 'fighting' cheer before leaving the class. Mina's father would be getting in from a trip soon, so we just left school early. that meeting took up one of the last two periods anyways.

because the trip was vacation, he should be relaxed and more open to the plan. plus, her family loves me. 


"are you sure this will work?" Mina asked with worry written all over her face as we stood by her front door, waiting for her father

i grabbed her hand tightly, "just believe in me, okay?" she nodded and relaxed with my touch, "i love you, we got this"

"i love you too" she said before kissing me on the lips softly and moving back to her previous position.

once her father arrived, we raced forward and helped him with his bags, "woah, hello" he greeted us with a smile

"hello, sir" i said while putting his stuff down as Mina did too

he looked at me in shock and hugged me before smiling, "what brings you here, Chaeyoung?"

"we have a business proposition for you" Mina answered 

"oh really?"

"well, Mr. Myoui, the thing is" i began, "my father set up a bad deal with someone which will end in me marrying someone i don't love"

his face hardened, "he what?"

"i have to in order to help my family, but i love someone else" i added, "your daughter.."

he broke into a bright smile, "so you want me to help you so that the two of you can be married instead?"

"i know it's a lot to ask but-"

"of course i'll do it" he interrupted me, "the only marriage i want happening is one with true love and i know that's what you two have"

"thank you dad!" Mina jumped up and hugged her father

did i just get permission to marry Mina?

i couldn't help but smile too and join the hug, "thank you"

maybe this will work out.

"we were planning on you putting her father's technology in your schools to outdo the current deal" Mina said

"but my schools already use some of his stuff" he answered

i looked at Mina then back to him, "what can we do then?"




sorry for the shorter chapter

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