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Chaeyoung's POV:

I always did something for Mina's birthday every year. She was my best friend, I wanted to make sure she knew that. People hurt her a lot, maybe not on purpose, but she was someone who always got hurt no matter what. I'm the only person who hasn't hurt her and I plan on keeping it that way. 

We were holding hands and walking through the city. We took the subway which took us to the city, she hadn't been here often, unlike me. I go to the city because I have a part time job at a record label, I really want to work in the music business, so working there had its perks. 

"Chaeng, where are we going?" Mina asked, while looking at all the buildings

"It's a surprise, you'll find out" I smirked

"When is that?"

"Be patient" 

"I'm getting hungry, we've been walking for thirty minutes and I didn't have to time to-" I covered her mouth with my hand

"We'll get food when we get to where we're going, just keep following me" I looked into her eyes and noticed that a light blush spread across her face, I smiled knowing that

She nodded and we kept walking. There was one place I always went to whenever I was sad, mad, happy, whatever. It was more home than anywhere to me. My dad owned a park where he built a secret tree house that only I knew about. No one ever found it and we made sure of that. It was so secret that people thought it was just a regular tree.

We stopped in front of a wide tree with crazy branches going in every direction, "Y-you brought me to a tree?" Mina looked confused 

"Yup" I replied, and pulled her behind it where there was a small door hidden in the bushes

"Where did that come from?" she asked, pointing at the door

"Shh, no one knows about it, don't make it obvious" I said, looking around before pulling her inside when no one was looking

The door lead us down a dark, narrow staircase with barely enough room for two people, "Chae, what is this place?" she whispered

"Are you scared?" I laughed

"N-no.. I just don't want you to murder me or something" 

"I'm not gonna hurt you, you know that" I replied, smiling back at her

She smiled and blushed slightly again, "Okay, then what is this place" she looked away from me

"My treehouse"

We soon reached another door, it was bigger this time, enough for us to fit through without ducking. When we entered, her mouth dropped. There was a couch, T.V, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, games, it had everything.

"Okay, I'll ask again. What is this place?" she looked around, shocked

"I already told you, it's my treehouse" 

"No kidding"

"My dad built it for me when I was young" I laughed at her reaction to all the lights and nice things inside

"How is there wifi in here"

I laughed again, seeing her act all cute and surprised made me feel really happy, "I wouldn't know. I'm not good with technology" 

Mina continued to look around, looking at the nice wooden kitchen and dinning table, "Why would you keep this to yourself?"

"I was going to bring you earlier, but my dad told me not to" 

She sat down next to me, "Why?"

"He thinks I should only bring someone I love here because I love it here so much" I replied, smiling at her

"So why'd you bring me?" she smiled, knowing exactly what she had asked

I smirked, "Because you're my best friend and I have video games that I've been dying to beat you at here"

She looked towards the T.V and saw my stack of video games, "You weren't kidding"

"I'd never kid about video games" she laughed at my reply

She grabbed one she liked and handed me a controller, "Game on then, Son Chaeyoung"

"You're gonna lose" 

We sat and played games for so long, it felt really good to be there with Mina. I didn't really think much about her blushing and acting the way she did around me. Maybe she likes me.

No... We're best friends. She doesn't like me. Plus, her mom would never approve. Her mom hates everything about same sex couples or just people in the lgbt community. What if she did and we ended up together, what would her mom do? Would her mom kill me? She is drunk all the time... She could hurt Mina. 

I wouldn't let that happen, though. I'll always protect Mina. 

"Chaeyoung?" I heard Mina's voice and snapped out of my thoughts

"Huh? Sorry, I was just thinking" I replied, looking down, embarrassed

She laughed and raised my chin, "You gotta get out of that head of yours" she laughed but I had blushed this time

"What? Were you thinking about me?" she asked, after seeing me blush

I turned my head, "No, I mean yes, I feel like this is boring on your birthday" I lied..

She rested her head on my shoulder and put her hand on mine, "Nothing is ever boring when I'm with you"


Okay! That's it for this chapter. Again, sorry if it's short and/or really bad haha. I'm not good at writing, but I hope you enjoyed this soft Michaeng. If there were any spelling or grammar issues let me know. Cya next time. Also, I'm on spring break, so I can update as often as I want (which will be a lot because I'm really invested in this book and making it good) Who should I add into this story?

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