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if i told you so。↠ michaeng  by httpschaeng
if i told you so。↠ michaeng by 𝐣𝐨⁹
❝ A story of two young girls striving to be part of each other's lives once again. ❞ [ edits ] 093018 093118 111918
✔️The Girl Who Sees Red Strings by Cold_jane10
✔️The Girl Who Sees Red Stringsby jeeyn_kold
Wherein Chaeyoung has an ability to see the invisible string, red string of fate except hers.
The move on process by XHAPPHIER
The move on processby XHAPPHIER
What will happen if the broken hearts meet together and help each other?.....find out.
Twice Chatroom by RainDrop-13-
Twice Chatroomby RainDrop~
Twice. In a chatroom. Again. Let's do this.
Call My Name by Bp_hiu
Call My Nameby Baeleeeunbo
Wherein, Lalisa tried out for their school volleyball team and she met the strict, brutal, and talented Captain of the volleyball team named Jennie Ruby Jane Kim. "...
Honestly Lying ❌ by frappyskye
Honestly Lying ❌by Jehan Gasque Ape
Mina suddenly broke up with Chaeyoung after almost 2 years of being together. Chaeyoung was convinced that Mina fell out of love. So she immediately set her free. She...
Little Miss Sunshine || MiChaeng✔️ by -queso
Little Miss Sunshine || MiChaeng✔️by 𝙛𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙮.
Mina is a very unhappy person, who just got a new neighbor. She hates smiling and sunshine and everything happy-go-lucky. Chaeyoung is a bright, happy person, who has mo...
The Star by blackswanPooPoo
The Starby blackswanPooPoo
Chaeyoung is a goal-oriented and hard-working newly grad. Ever since her father died and her mom went ill, she took the responsibility of being the breadwinner. All she...
Negative Zero | SaTzu by ZuiMisanamo
Negative Zero | SaTzuby ZuiMisanamo
The Academy of Arcane in Azumore, teaches the arts of magic in development of Wizards and Sorcerers. The four "S Class levels" are the most powerful sorcerers...
MAKE ME GO(Completed) by chaempot
Love me love me now Love me love me good Don't need nobody else when it feels this good (you make me go) Ain't nobody around, do it like you should Yeah,you make me go, ...
Oneshots of ships in TWICE!! //// I do requests most of the time, but I possibly have already oneshots in progress so beware!! /// I hope you enjoy my oneshots :)p
Reason To Live [ Translate ] [ Complete ] by JuliusLi6
Reason To Live [ Translate ] [ Com...by Julius Li
ချစ်ရတဲ့ သတို့သား ဆုံးသွားခဲ့လို့.. လောကကြီးကို စိတ်ကုန်နေတဲ့.. Minaက တစ်နေ့မှာ Suicide လုပ်ဖို့ကြိုးစားရင်း.. မထင်မှတ်ပဲ Chaeyoung ဆိုတဲ့ ကောင်မလေးနဲ့ တွေ့ဆုံခဲ့တယ်...
The Mafia Leader And Cub(Michaeng) by Chaenginamo
The Mafia Leader And Cub(Michaeng)by STREAM TTT
"Touch her and you're dead" Before you read,this is a TOP MINA,there might be no smut but Mina will be the top.
INSATIABLE  by whiteAmaranthine
INSATIABLE by Iori Baiers
Strictly for mature, adult and non innocent audiences only. For readers who likes spicy, horny michaeng content.
Lifetime | мсн. by ttvtired
Lifetime | мсн.by .
الأسرارُ تتحوّل إلى ندَم. -مِيتشينق. -المُهيمِنة؛ ميُوي. فكرة مُقتبسة. !!- كُل الحُقوق تعود لي أنا بصِفتي الكَاتب.
chat ↔ satzu by twodimension
chat ↔ satzuby x
sanasquirrel: zzup tzuyoda: ?? who tf are you? - ⓢⓐⓣⓩⓤ Highest rank in Fanfiction: #25 (02/18/18)
As long as you wish by Samuelasery
As long as you wishby Grecko
This story is about Mina the single mother of Xaoing who tries every possible way to give whatever her child needs. Xaoing has never spoken a word ever since his childho...
Rollercoaster [MICHAENG] by strawberryjunk
Rollercoaster [MICHAENG]by Shorty
It's funny that loving you is just like riding a rollercoaster. It is exciting, yet scary. I was so scared of what if you smile not because of me anymore?
She's A Princess by MinguinsCub
She's A Princessby Hansel
Where in Mina is one of the Princess who wants freedom and do the things all she wants to do while Chaeyoung is an aspiring painter who can't be known as a painter becau...
Could Love be Hard as Math?  by ChaeIzza
Could Love be Hard as Math? by ChaeIzza
Simple math : NERD + MR. POPULAR = WEIRD ?! Nahh, nothing is weird when it come to love. Even difficult math question will have the answer. Will have the solution if w...