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'i, Son Chaeyoung, promise to marry Min Yoongi on the day i graduate. the only way to back out would be if Yoongi passed, his father passed, or either CEO calls off the deal'

"seriously?" i mumbled after reading

he looks at me, "you can date throughout high school too, to get to know each other i mean.."


just then we heard a knock at the door. it opened and revealed a tall man with a smaller one behind him. the smaller was clearly his son. he had bleached hair, a red flannel with a black shirt, black jeans, and red converse.

i stood and bowed to them as well as my father, "hello" i greeted them

"ah, this must be Chaeyoung" he said

"introduce yourself" he added, pushing his son forward

his son bowed, "Min Yoongi"

"the one i'd marry?" i asked and Yoongi nodded

our parents went into a deep conversation while we were sitting down on the couch still in the office, "is your dad forcing you to marry me?" i asked

"i think we're in the same situation, Chaeyoung" he said, laughing and showing his gummy smile

kind of like Mina's.. "so we are both being forced into this"

"i just don't want my dad to ruin someone's life because i won't help him" he said, "plus it's not like i have anyone else" he frowned a little

"breakup?" i asked, he nodded. "me too"


"her name is Mina" i said, looking down at my hands

he looked at his hands too, "his name is Jimin"

"are you bi or..?" i asked


"oh, me too" i sighed, "but mostly for girls.. no offense"

"none taken, same but the other way around"

i smiled suddenly, "maybe we'll get along better than i thought"

"even though we'll be married, let's be friends" he said smiling too

we both looked up, "at least you're not some spoiled brat kid who's marrying me for.. you know.."

"i could say the same about you" he said and we both laughed


"kids" my father spoke up and interrupted our conversation, "would you like to sign the papers?"

i looked to Yoongi who gave me a reassuring smile, "sure" i said and he agreed

we were handed separate papers and we signed them, "that's a relief" my father said

"you two go to the same school as well" his father mentioned, "make sure to at least act like a happy couple"

"sure" Yoongi said and smiled at me, "but we're not gonna make out in school"

i laughed and hit his arm, "of course not" i said

our fathers shook hands and then Yoongi and his father left. looks like this will be a long couple of years..


timeskip to last year for Mina and Chaeyoung while Yoongi and Jimin have graduated already. Jimin now helps teach a dance class and Yoongi helps teach the music class. because each dated before they became teachers, they were allowed to continue dating in school.

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