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music class was here. i was really afraid of what Mina's answer was. Mr. Kim didn't really agree to letting her dance but Yoongi convinced him that it'd be a good idea. i just don't want her to quit when she's assigned my partner.

"okay everyone, today we'll have a special guest come in" he announced, "actually, we'll have quite a few"

what? quite a few? "we have five students from the dance class coming in today to be assigned partners for the show" the class clapped

i looked to Yoongi who was just as confused as me and sighed, "we have the five best dancers coming in today so please welcome them with open arms"

in walked, Mina followed by Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Choi Yoojung, and Hirai Momo. the five best dancers in our school, that's for sure. our music class was small, but how would the pairing be set up? we had only seventeen people in the class. would people share a partner?

"we will be assigning three of these dancers to groups of five while the other two will work separately with one of you"

Mina and i made eye contact but i quickly turned away from her. what's going through her mind right now?

"our music TA will be choosing the pairings"

Yoongi walked to the center and moved Jungkook and Mina away from the other three, "these two will be separate"

Mina was still looking at me, i could tell.

"i'm going to assign these three first"

"Hoseok will go to.."

i couldn't focus on his voice because i could feel Mina's eyes on me. her glare still strong as ever. i wanted to look up at her but i didn't. why didn't i?

"Yoojung will go to Doyeon, Somi, Chungha, Sohye, and Nayoung"

i tried to keep my eyes only on Yoongi but it was getting difficult, what is she doing to me?

"Momo will go to Nayeon, Jihyo, Jungyeon, Sana, and Tzuyu"

Yoongi let those groups meet up while i finally looked up at Mina. she looked away, noticing that there were two students left. Kim Taehyung and me.

"Jungkook will go to..." he thought for a moment, "Taehyung" he said finally, "Mina to Chaeyoung"

i looked down at my desk as she walked towards me. okay, i'm really regretting having Yoongi 'help' me on this one. really, really regretting it.

"we're partners.." she said once she reached my desk

i nodded slowly and kept looking down, "i um... wrote the song.. i'll record it then give it to you" she stayed silent, "we don't need to practice or anything.. do whatever you want with it"

then i stood up and walked out of the room, bringing Yoongi with me, as the bell rang.


Mina's POV

wait.. there are only two people left. Chaeyoung and Taehyung. i kept looking at her while Yoongi was announcing. why did she look so.. nervous? does she know that i'll be assigned to her. of course. Yoongi is probably trying to set us back up. but why? they're getting married..

she finally looked up at me and i looked away, why did i do that? then it was the last two names left.

please, please don't be Chaeyoung.

i knew it would be her, though.

"Mina to Chaeyoung" he said finally and i sighed

she looked down at her desk as i walked to her.

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