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Mina's POV 

i quickly checked the time and saw that there were only about ten minutes left of lunch. she's not coming is she? i started to walk out of the room when i saw two people talking in the hallway. it was Chaenyoung and Mark. what the hell does he want with her.

i was going to interrupt when, "Yah, what did you do to Mina?" he asked and i quickly hid behind the wall that separated us

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, i could tell she was already pissed

"She's so plain and bitchy like you now" he laughed, says you..

"I'm more interesting than a fuckboy like you" i had to put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing at Chaeyoung's response 

"Yah, I'm not a fuckboy!" yes you are...

"But you are, though. You 1000% are a fuckboy" i heard Chaenyoung's laugh and looked around the edge to see Mark getting closer to her

"You're just jealous" he smirked and i clenched my fists

"Of you?" she scoffed

"Yeah, I got to kiss Mina when we were dating. We did more than that too" he smirked and winked, what the fuck is he talking about

"Yeah right. She wouldn't do anything with you.." i saw her face get serious. was she really jealous? "..and why would I be jealous of that?"

"Because you like her, Chaeng" he smirked, "And she doesn't like you. She had to wear a scarf for a week because of me, what about you?" she what..?

"I- I don't like her!" i looked at her face and saw her blush slightly

"Right. Sure you don't" he got even closer, "You can kiss me if you want, closest you'll get to Mina" i swear to god if he doesn't back the fuck off..

 she pushed him off and slapped him, "And that's all you'll even get from me" i turned away from them again

He laughed, "You are jealous. That's why you hate me. Because you wish you could've been all over her instead"

i blinked quickly and heard her say more, "Shut the fuck up, Mark"

"Whatever, Chaeng. Just know, she won't even like you back" i heard her footsteps so i ran back to the music room as fast as i could

luckily, i made it there before she did and i sat down where i was before. was that true? no... he's just trying to mess with her. but why did she blush..?

"Mina!" i heard Chaeyoung exclaim as she came running into the music room

i quickly turned around and smiled lightly, "y-you came..?"

"i'm sorry for being mad.." she muttered, coming closer to me

i stood in front of her, "it's fine. i'm sorry for going with him"

"no, you have every right to. i don't know why i got mad, i just don't want you to get hurt again that's all" she looked up into my eyes 

"as long as you're here i'll never get hurt again" i smiled my gummy smile and pat her head

she smiled too, "if he comes near you again i'll-"

"break his arm?" 

she nodded before laughing, "something like that"

i quickly hugged her and mumbled, "love you, Chaeng.."


i shook my head, "i- i mean, you're my best friend"

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