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they talked for a few moments before coming outside of the private room and standing in front of the table, arms folded behind each of their backs.

"the following deals from Mr. Myoui to Mr. Son and Mrs. Minatozaki to Mr. Min have been accepted" Yoongi's father spoke, "the contract tying my son and his has ended, but anew has been made"

"Ms. Son Chaeyoung and Ms. Myoui Mina will be wed in exactly a week from tomorrow" my father said

they grabbed their pens and signed the contracts before the two other parents and then the three of us kids. the four parents left to discuss, with us in shock. 

it worked.

it fucking worked!

i'm marrying Mina!



we raced down the sidewalk, hand in hand, towards Jimin's house where him and the other seven waited for us. Yoongi ran ahead to meet his love while we were just happily running together. once we ran inside, they all stood and stared at us.

"they.." Yoongi gasped for air

"they uh.." i leaned my hands on my knees and breathed hard

"one second" Mina said breathlessly and stretched

"guys spit it out!" Jihyo exclaimed

"THEY ACCEPTED" we shouted in unison as we started jumping around and laughing

we played music and ate food while jumping around before Mina pulled me away from the group. "we're getting married in a week" she said while cupping my face

i smiled and kissed her passionately, "that we are" i smiled as the rest of the group cheered at us and pulled us back to the party.

we watched at they got alcohol and couples started kissing, Dahyun did end up with Sana, but Jimin only cuddled with Yoongi. which he didn't look like he minded it. i stayed laying on top of Mina whilst falling asleep feeling comfortable with how the rest of my life would be.


no POV

beep beep beep

"arrgh" a groan was heard under a pillow, long brown hair coming from underneath and sticking to the owner, "it's so fucking hot"

she hit her alarm and got up, opening her eyes. 

what the fuck?

wasn't i just celebrating marrying Mina?

what happened?

the small girl looked around at the neat, modern wooden floors and white blankets messily spread around her. she met pictures on her dresser, a smile creeping onto her face.


i'm so stupid.

that dream felt so real i almost forgot my life.

she sprang up from her sweaty spot on bed to shower in her clean bathroom. she put on a flannel with shorts and barely tied vans before walking down the stairs of her apartment. she placed her wedding ring back on when she reached the kitchen and grabbed some cereal.

i guess school will start soon.

quick snack will do.

once she finished, she washed the dish and brushed her teeth. she grabbed her tablet and her customized SonTech phone before shoving it in her pocket. then she got her electric skateboard and went down to the street. she road the device to her college located right in the middle of the city. the design she made herself.

the small girl was even smaller compared to the huge, almost futuristic, building in front of her. it spread wide with the main building going the tallest. she walked inside and put her skateboard in her locker before greeting her friends, the first she saw were Jimin and Yoongi in the main dance room.

"no, like this" Jimin sighed whilst trying to show Yoongi how to do a dance move

she smiled and continued moving down the hallway, looking for more of her friends.

 "dammit Jihyo, you literally scared them away"

"it's not my fault, i'm just really loud sometimes"

"i know that, babe" Hoseok sighed but kissed her, "i still love you, c'mon we got posters to hang"

there was a talent competition going on and guess who was the president of that? our very own, Park Jihyo and Jung Hoseok. 

"Momo, can i at least cut that for you" Nayeon laughed, "that's too much- oh my god, you're literally gonna choke- i'm not gonna have a girlfriend when you die- oh seconds, okay- i'm gonna break up with you one day"

"don't break up with me because i love food more than you"

"that's a lie and you know it"

"well, food thinks i'm perfect, not weird"

"you are perfect, my perfect little weirdo"


the smaller girl kept walking whilst laughing at the two she just saw in the cafe.

"Jeong, pay attention to me" Tzuyu whinned

"once i finish my legos, okay?" she turned and smiled before working again on her legos

Tzuyu sighed and dropped her head onto her arms

maybe she should build a sculpture of her girlfriend. the girl walked away from the window where they were sitting.

"only look at me, okay?" Dahyun whinned

"babe, i smiled and he thought i was flirting" Sana sighed, "you know i only love you"

the girl shook her head with a 'tsk' escaping her mouth, it's true that people thing Sana flirts with them when they don't. that's just how her face looks. then she moved away from the lounge where those two were.

then she reached the gaming room where she knew she'd find her wife, Mina.

the smaller girl came up behind the other and wrapped her hands around her and kissing her cheek, making Mina smile and blush.

"Chaengie~" she giggled, "we're in public

"good, they can know what a happy couple looks like" Chaeyoung responded

Mina turned to face her wife and kissed her lips softly, "you're gonna be late for class, i'll make you sleep on the couch"

"ouch" the younger held up her arms in surrender and made her way to class, leaving the older to watch her and smile at her.

everyone knew that they were married, just like how everyone knew those couples were do not enter zones because if you home wrecked them, ooh everyone would hate you.

Mina ended up going for a dance major as well as Momo, Sana, Hoseok, and Jimin. Chaeyoung was is music producing and rapping with Yoongi and Dahyun. Nayeon, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Tzuyu. they all had apartments in the building a few down from school which was also made by Mr. Myoui and Mr. Son for students or just people in the city.

and that was their ending.




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