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something i'd wear to a party... i've never actually been to party. i've gone to school dances, but those were just casual clothes. i quickly got up from bed and took a shower. after i was done i stood in front of my closet for a good five minutes, thinking about what to wear.

my phone started to ring so i answered it, "i'm here, you ready?" Chaeyoung asked

"no, i'm still in my towel" 

"y-you're what?" she paused and i smirked, "n-nevermind, just hurry up"

she ended the call and i grabbed out some clothes. i quickly changed and rushed outside where Chaeyoung was waiting for me.

"what took you so long?" she asked as i walked up to her 

"i've never been to a party, i didn't know what to wear"

she grabbed a helmet and handed me it, "what's this for?" i asked

"my parents got me something" she pointed to a motorcycle parked near her

i ran up to it, "woah this is so cool!" she laughed as she climbed on and i followed her

we started to drive to the party, she was a pretty good driver. i wrapped my arms slowly around her waist and leaned my head on her. finally, we reached the party. it was in a big house that had a giant backyard with a pool. there were teenagers rushing into the party as she parked her bike. 

"this house looks..nice" i mumbled

she laughed and set the helmets on her bike, "the owner is rich"

"who is it?"

"bts lives here" she replied and shrugged

my mouth fell open, "what?!"

"don't freak out, they're just regular guys" i pushed her shoulder

"why didn't you tell me? i could've tried to look better" 

she put her hand on my shoulder, "you look perfect"

i felt myself lightly, "t-that's just what you say because you like me"

"no it's not, and stop saying that out loud. you found out by accident anyways" she removed her hand and pulled me inside of the house.

i went to her house after school one day and when she left i saw a text from jungyeon that was telling her to tell me about her feelings, so i asked her what it meant and that's house i found out. even though she likes me and i like her back, i don't want to say anything just yet. i need to be sure of what i feel or else i'll hurt her.

when we entered the house, we were greeted by a bunch of people running around and grinding on each other. someone was doing a keg stand right in front of us and i grabbed onto Chaeyoung's hand tightly, she laughed.

"Yoongi!" she shouted and pulled me to a taller boy with light bleached hair who was wearing a leather jacket and a gummy smile like mine

"Chaeng!" he exclaimed back and hugged her before noticing me, who was slightly jealous, "who's your friend?"

i bowed quickly, "ah, Myoui Mina" then i looked up to see him smiling at me 

"Min Yoongi. it's nice to meet you, Mina" he said and bowed back before walking us to the backyard where the other members were

"Chaeyoung!" they all exclaimed

"long time, huh?" she laughed, "this is my best friend, Myoui Mina" 

they all bowed and i bowed back, "it's nice to meet you" i said after they all recited their full names, which i already knew since i was a fan of them

"Minaaaa!!" we heard Jungyeon coming close to us, "Chaaaeengggiee"

"are you drunk?" i asked as she giggled uncontrollably 

"mayyybee" she almost fell but someone caught her

it was Nayeon, "sorry, i didn't watch her good enough and she got into the beer"

i looked across the backyard and into the pool where Sana and Dahyun were making out then past them to see Tzuyu, Momo, and Jihyo drinking while talking to some guys. Momo was eating and listening actually, but close enough to talking.

"are they drunk too?" i asked as i pointed to Sana and Dahyun

Nayeon shook her head, "no, just horny. Chaeng would know" she winked at Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung nearly spit her drink out, "what the fuck, Nayeon"

"wait what..?" i said, looked at them with my eyebrow raised

"you know, she's horny for y-" Jungyeon started to saw before Nayeon covered her mouth

"i better take her to get some water, bye guys" Nayeon waved before helping Jungyeon and her walk away

"what did she mean, Chaeng?" i was still confused

"n-nothing" she mumbled and chugged her drink as the members of bts just laughed 


it was later in the night and i was starting to get bored. we had been here for like five hours and the party was still going on. Chaeyoung was talking to her friends, bts, while i just sat near the pool with my feet in the water. 

my phone rang all of a sudden

unknown: meet me upstairs

me: sorry, who is this?

unknown: just meet me, please

i decided to go meet the person since i had nothing else to do. plus, if it's someone who's about to murder me, Chaeng would hear and save me. probably.. unless she's too busy with bts. am i jealous? i thought as i walked up the stairs to a room with a note on it.

"Mina" it read so i walked in

i saw someone sitting on the bed with a hat on, "good, you're here"

"yeah, why did you want to meet me?" i asked

"i wanted to confess" he said with his head down

i recognize that voice.. "okay, go ahead.."

he walked up to me but i couldn't see his face. it was too dark. he pulled me in lightly and closed the door, locking it, "don't be mad.." he mumbled before removing his hat

"Mark what the fuck?!" i tried to leave but he grabbed me, tighter this time

"please, Mina, i need you" he said while pushing me against the wall

i tried to break free but his grip was too tight, "get off Mark!" i yelled, "help! someone!" i started to scream but he covered my mouth with his lips

"shut the fuck up" he said, "i need to have you, Mina" he moved my hand so that he could hold both in one and moved his other hand to my face

he held my face in one place while he aggressively started to kiss me. i knew i wouldn't be able to break free so i just gave up. 


yikes (the outfits up top are what they're wearing btw)

i also might end this book within the next two chapters but i'm not sure. let me know if i shouldn't or not.

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