c h a p t e r e i g h t e e n : i l o v e y o u

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Chaeyoung's POV

i managed to get Jimin to meet me today but he didn't seem too excited about it. he must know what happened, of course he does. he is- was her boyfriend.

"hey" i heard Jimin's voice and looked up instantly

"why'd you want to meet me?" he added

i motioned to the seat and he sat down, "i wanted to ask about someone"

"Mina?" he tilted his head

i shook my head, "your ex.. before Mina i mean.."

"i'm assuming you know who it is since you're dating him" he sighed

"look, i just want to know what happened"

"can't you ask him?"

"it's better to hear it from your perspective"

"fine" he sighed, "because you mean a lot to Mina, i'll tell you"

*flashback* (trigger warning ¯\_()_/¯ )
<Yoongi's bedroom>

"babe~" Yoongi's sleepy voice mumbled

they were cuddling and watching disney movies but we're starting to get tired.

"hm" Jimin hummed

"aren't you tired yet?"

Jimin scooter down so they were facing each other, Yoongi's hand resting comfortably on his torso while the other was in between them.

"but the movie isn't over yet" Jimin pushes Yoongi's hair out of his face and his hand slid down his face to his jawline, "don't you want to see the end?"

"i do~" Yoongi whined, "but i'm tired~"

he giggled at the elder, "stop whining, baby"

"if you want to watch it, i'll watch too" he replied

Jimin sighed and kissed the elders forehead, "go to sleep if you're tired"

Yoongi started to close his eyes, soft snores coming from his mouth. he almost fell asleep when...


they shot up and looked to the door. "i-i thought your dad was out of-"

"YOONGI! WHO'S HERE?!" his father shouted, interrupting Jimin

"i-um" Yoongi got up and pushed Jimin away from his bed and behind the door roughly

his door swung open as his father grabbed the collar of Yoongi's shirt and pushed him to the ground. "I ASKED YOU A DAMN QUESTION!" his voice pierced their ears

"n-no one" he stuttered

"DONT FUCKING LIE" he yelled, crawling over to Yoongi and slapping his face

"hey!" Jimin shouted, instantly regretting it

his father turned slowly to see Jimin, "i fucking knew it" the man muttered, gritting his teeth

"w-we have a project!" Yoongi blurted, "we had to work on it"

before anyone could say or do anything, his father already had Jimin's collar in his hands. he slammed the small boy against the wall, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ACTUALLY DOING HERE"

"ARE YOU AND MY SON DATING?!" he practically screamed in Jimin's face

Yoongi shot up and clawed at his father's shirt, trying to pull him away, "we're not!" he cried out

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