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i didn't want to go see my father, but i had no choice. i dragged my feet as i lazily walked into his office.

"Chaeyoung!" he greeted, looking actually excited

"why do you seem happy? should i be worried?" i slumped down in the chair across from his desk

he laughed, "of course not! i just set the date for your wedding!"

my eyes widened, "what?"

"it's set for the last day of school" he smiled

"that.. that's in two weeks!"

"well, you signed a contract" he laughed again, "plus, it's gonna be great!"

"is there a way we could get out of it?" i mumbled

he instantly frowned, "no" he answered sharply, "you know what will happened to the family, plus you already signed it. there's no way out"

"there has to be" i shot up and stared at him eagerly

"you could murder him" he joked but i took it seriously, "don't do that, you'll be arrested. it's not that bad to get married, you can still date people, just while you're married"

"can we divorce?"

"the contract says that you have to stay married for ten years"

"ten years?! that's such a long time, dad" i gripped onto the arms of the chair i was sitting on

he sighed, "i'm sorry.."

"you should be!" i suddenly yelled, standing up, "it's your fault that you can't get your shit together! it got so bad that you have to sell your only child away to marry some random person's child!"


"no!" i shouted, "just shut up! i get it! i have no life anymore! and it's your fucking fault!"

before he could respond, i stomed out of his office and slammed the door shut behind me. what a dick.


now it's time to face the love of my life and tell her that i'll be marrying a man in two weeks. what will Mina say? she'll hate me again. she'll leave me again. i can't hurt her.

as i was walking to lunch, soft hands covered my eyes. i recognized the nice scent from her uniform and smiled lightly. she moved her body and leaned her face to place her head onto my shoulder.

"guess who" her voice was like a whisper close to my ears

i giggled, "hm.. Minari?"

"correct!" she squealed and changed her position to be next to me with one arm wrapped around my neck, "you can guess that correctly but not any math tests?"

"hey~ my math grades are fine" i pouted making her gummy smile shine through

"how'd your meeting go?" she suddenly asked

i looked forward while we continued walking, "it was boring"

"nothing important happened?"

my heart told me not to lie but i guess i listened to my head, "just talked about what the wedding would look like. too bad we'll find a plan to end it before it happens"

"do you have a plan for that?" 

"Yoongi does and he's really smart so-"

"Chaeng! Pssst!" we stopped in the middle of the hallway when there was a whisper-yell calling my name

Mina and i looked at each other, "to your left!"

"to our left then?" i asked and she nodded

we moved to the classroom beside us and walked in, Mina's handing dropping to her side now. once we entered, there were our whole friend group, Yoongi, and Jimin.

"uh.. guys?" i mumbled while Mina just stood in shock

"they told us about your fake wedding" Nayeon spoke up

Yoongi mouthed a 'sorry' but i just shook my head telling him it was fine. they'd find out eventually.

"we're here to help!" Sana sqeaked

"Sana, seriously stop being so loud" Dahyun scolded her

she smiled at her girlfriend, making the younger blush and look away to the rest of the group.

"did you guys come up with a plan?" i asked, moving to the table they were sat at.

the table was organized like Yoongi with Jimin to his right, then Nayeon, Momo, and Tzuyu. to his left were two seats for us then Dahyun, Sana, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo. we took our seats and looked to the group eagerly awaiting good news.

"we wanted to meet up to try and come up with something" Jimin said

"wait" i spoke, "are you two..?"

Yoongi and Jimin looked to each other with weak smiles, "we're working on it" Jimin replied, making the other's smile grow slightly.

"well that's a weird love square" Tzuyu said, looking confused

"oh um" Mina mumbled, "well, yeah.. i guess it is"

the group looked back to the four of us, as they didn't know the story. "we dated, i was a dick. we broke up, he met Mina. my dad set me up with Chaeng, we don't really love each other. they don't either. now they're.. whatever and we're.. whatever" Yoongi spoke quickly

"ah~" Momo muttered

"do you actually understand or are you still figuring it out?" Nayeon asked her with a smile 

"i'm.." she dragged the 'm' on, "i don't know"

everyone laughed slightly, "can we have an update on relationships now please?" i asked with a confused look

"we're still dating" Nayeon said whilst grabbing Momo's hand

"Jeongyeon and Tzuyu are denying that they like each other" Jihyo said, "Sana is trying to get Dahyun to go out with her"

 "who, by the way, definitely likes her back" she added, earning a glare from Dahyun

"and you?" Mina asked

she blushed and looked at her hands, "she's dating Hoseok" Jimin spoke up

"what about you guys?" Jeongyeon asked

we looked at each other then back to the group, "what about us?"

"i mean, you ditched all of friday so i'm assuming you did something together?" 

Mina's face burned bright red when i turned and smirked at her, "oh.. yeah, we were together on friday" i said with an awkward laugh

"d-did you guys-" Tzuyu started

"NO!" Jihyo shouted, "we don't want to know what you did!"

"it's pretty obvious what they did" Sana said, "i saw Mina on saturday and she was walking weird"

i turned to look at her but her face was buried in my shoulder while i just laughed at the uncomfortable atmosphere. "what a great meeting, huh?" 

"i hate you guys" Tzuyu said, "i'm too young for this"




hello, i hope this chapter was okay. i'm sad to say that this story will end on the twenty sixth chapter. enjoy the story for now. thank you for reading and i won't go on another break anytime soon. also, thank you for not being mad about that as well. at least i'm back now. have an amazing day/night!

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