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i woke up at 7am in our same studio with Yoongi fast asleep next to me. it's only tuesday so i decided to get up without waking him up.

we had just gotten fresh food in our fridge so i started to make breakfast. i cooked eggs for both of us with bacon. we both liked water with our food so i set out the plates along with two glasses of water.

just at this time, Yoongi had woken up and walked out while rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"how long did we work last night?" his voice was deep and raspy

i laughed at his messy hair, "who knows? i think we finished but i can't remember"

"and you made food?"

"i felt bad that you stayed up with me" i mumbled and sat down where my food was

he sighed, "don't worry about it" he walked up to me and ruffled my hair, "anytime"

"thanks" i smiled

"even if we're not actually dating, we're still best friends right?"

i nodded and laughed, "obviously"

"that's good" he finally sat down and started eating

buzz buzz

my eyes shot to my phone, Yoongi's did too. usually people don't text me since my only real friend was Yoongi. only few people had my phone number since i changed it after the whole Mina incident.

buzz buzz

either way, we were both surprised when my phone buzzed because even the few who had my number never texted me.

buzz buzz

"you give someone your number?" he asked with a confused expression

i shook my head and went to grab my phone after i had finished my food.

buzz buzz

"looks like someone really wants to reach you"

once i grabbed my phone the screen lit up with four notifications. two were from my friend, Lisa, while the other two were an unknown number.

'hey, so i kind of gave your number to someone in a trade for Rose's number'
'i'm really sorry don't kill me please'

i quickly texted her back.

'what the fuck Lisa!'
'who is it?'

before she could reply, i checked the text which answered my question for her.

'hey, Chaeyoung. it's mina, i just wanted to ask if maybe we could practice?'
'i'm sorry for not asking you for your number but Lisa is on my soccer team and i know you guys are friends so i asked.'

my mouth dropped when i read the text.

"damn that Lalisa!" i grumbled and held my phone tightly

Yoongi came up behind me and gently grabbed the phone from my hands, "you'll break it"

"my dad is rich, who cares" i scoffed

"who was it?" he laughed


he brought the phone up and started typing out of my reach. i tried to jump for it but he was too tall.

"hey!" i shouted as he continued to type

once he finished whatever he was doing, he laughed and tossed the phone back whilst going back to finish his food.

i quickly went to my texts and saw that he replied to both Lisa and Mina.

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