c h a p t e r t w e l v e : w h a t d o y o u m e a n ?

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"you should sing more" Chaeyoung said softly as we were home and laying down on bed

i crawled next to her and nuzzled my head into her neck, "why's that?"

"because i like your voice" she responded

i smiled at her and looked at her face. she seemed sad even though she was happy earlier. my smile faded as i examined her small frown.

"you okay?" i asked with concern

she shook her head slowly, "what are we going to do?"

"what do you mean?" 

"i didn't tell you the full story, Mina" she sighed, "i only told you that my parents don't like that i'm dating a girl"

"what's the full story then?" i looked up at her

she shut her eyes tightly, "they.." her eyes opened with tears in them, "they want to arrange a marriage"

"what?!" i exclaimed, "but you're not even in high school yet"

her tears slowly fell, "it's not my choice, i mean.. i have to.. if i don't.."

"what? what will happen?" i put my hand on her face and wiped the tears

"my dad will be in trouble, someone will come for his business and we'll lose everything.. my family would be homeless and broke, i can't do that to them.."

"you can't just give away your life, Chaeyoung!" i got up from where i was laying, "you can't just leave... you can't leave me" suddenly i was crying

she sat up as well, "Mina, i don't have a choice" she tried to touch my face but i moved away, "i love you, but this.. this is my family"

"what do you mean you don't have a choice?!" i exclaimed, "you always have a choice!"

she sighed, "this is my family, Mina... i can't abandon them.."

"and what about me?" i asked which silenced her

"you don't even know for sure if that's what he'll talk to you about tomorrow yet you've already decided to leave me" i sobbed 

she tried again to touch my face but i got up from her bed, "you already chose then.." i wiped my tears roughly and glared at her, "thanks for breaking my heart, Chaeyoung"

her tears had stopped but they started again when i said that, "Mina-"

"i'm gonna go home.." i mumbled, "i'll see you around.."


on the way home i didn't stop crying. things were getting blurry. i was about to walk into the street when something pulled me back and a car zoomed past.

"watch out!" the voice said

i turned to see a guy holding my shoulders, i blinked to see him better. he cleared his throat and removed his hands.

"sorry.." he mumbled

"you saved me from that car, no need to apologize" i replied

his hair was dyed light pint and he was wearing an oversized blue hoodie with jeans and converse. 

he smiled shyly, "m-my name is Park Jimin"

"Myoui Mina" i smiled weakly back

"why are you crying?" he asked, showing some concern in his face

i laughed lightly and wiped my tears, "ah.. breakup"

"whoever he is, he doesn't deserve you" he said

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