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(A/N: slight smut ahead oopsies)

Mina's POV

it's now friday. i'm sitting in class staring at the clock. i should've texted Chaeyoung, but i need to see her in person. i need her.

i'm done waiting for her to do something. i need to tell her how i feel.

the bell ring and i swear i've never gotten out of class so quickly. i didn't even care that we have class after lunch, i'll talk to her for as long as i need to.

i ran through the hallways to her class and slid across the floor, coming to a stop. she walked out of her class slowly while looking at her phone.

"Chaeng!" i managed to yell even though i was out of breath

she turned and tilted her head before walking up to me, my hands were resting on my knees and i was crouched over whilst catching my breath.

"are you okay?" she asked

i nodded and continued to breathe heavily, "you didn't text me.." she mumbled

"s-sorry" i said breathlessly

"it's fine" she laughed and patted my head, ruffling my hair slightly, "you want to talk?"

how can she be so quiet one day and the same happy Chaeyoung the next?

what's going on?

i nodded and grabbed her hand, pulling her with me to the roof. luckily, no one was there, so we had the area to ourselves.

"are you sure you're okay?" she asked

"i ran really fast and i was out of breath, i'm fine now" i replied

"then what did you want to talk about?"

duh, Chaeng

it's obvious

"i.." i took a deep breath, "i realized something"

she tilted her head, "well, Jimin told me something a few days ago so i was going to talk to you about that but then he told me another thing today"

"what did he say?" she looked concerned

"i'm sorry" i looked at her straight in the eyes, "i shouldn't have left you"

she stayed silent, "i realized that i love you" my voice became a slight whisper

"you.. you what?" she finally spoke

"please say you love me too, Chaeng" my eyes started to tear up

Chaeyoung kept silent but looked shocked. she grabbed my face and pulled me closer to her, "please..please don't tell me you stopped loving me" i mumbled

"i-i.. w-wha... i d-don't" she rambled before shaking her head and sighing, "how could i ever stop loving you?"

my heart started beating faster, my cheeks heated up, and i felt the tears dry instantly. she leaned towards me and placed a soft kiss onto my lips.

"do you wanna go get food?" she asked softly when we parted

i nodded and smiled before pecking her again. she intertwined our fingers as we walked from the roof and out of school. once we started walking, i realized where we were going. her treehouse. the one she took me to on my fourteenth birthday.


"sorry.. i'm not the best cook" she laughed awkwardly

"it tastes good" i shrugged, "so um.. you love me.. i love you.."

"we're a happy family?" she started laughing but i just shook my head and smiled at her

nojam Chaeng

"i was going to say.." i mindlessly poked at the noodles she made, "what.. are we?"

she paused on cleaning up the dishes and came over to me, "i want to be your girlfriend if that's okay?"

"but.. you're marrying Yoongi" i mumbled even though i knew more than she thought

i heard her sigh before her hands were placed on mine, moving them away from my plate and holding them tightly, "i'm gonna try to get out of that"

"you are?" i looked up at her, acting confused

"of course, i don't want to marry him. i love him as a friend" she smiled, showing the dimples that make my heart race

"who do you want to marry?" i asked without thinking, my face going red in embarrassment

she hummed and swiveled the chair i was on to face her, standing in between my legs and using her hand to make me look up at her.

"i want to marry an adorable penguin name Myoui Mina who, even after four years, still has me head over heels for her" she smiled and kissed me again

our lips moved in sync as we stayed together. kissing her felt like something i'd want to do forever. she bit my lip lightly, asking for access, so i gave it to her.

her tongue met mine as she explored my mouth, even though she had explored it before. her lips tasted like a drug i knew i was already obsessed with. except that this drug isn't harmful. or is it?

we stayed connected like that for a long time, her hand cupped gently on my cheeks whilst my hands tugged at her shirt.

she slowly parted and stayed close, "off" i whispered and tugged her shirt again

Chaeyoung smirked and took off her shirt, she picked me up from the chair and brought me to the bed in her tree house. i took off my shirt as she climbed on top of me.

she kissed my lips again before moving down to my collar, leaving small bites down my neck. she bit lightly on my collar, i let a small moan escape my mouth as she moved her hand down to cup my breast.

"C-Chaeng.." i moaned

"sorry.. do you want me to stop?" she raised her head to look at me

i shook my head and pulled her back up to kiss me once more. she smirked against my lips and continued what she was doing. she started leaving wet kisses down my body to the entrance of my skirt.

she moved her hand down my skirt and began to pull it down. she unhooked my bra with her other hand and kissed my breasts once it was off.

"Chaeng.." i moaned again

she hummed, "i love you"

"i love you too, Mina" she said, looking up at me again and smiling




OKAY that was um.. sorry i don't write smut like at all so that's the best i got. also i'm writing this in public so i'm uncomfortable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hopefully that was okay and you enjoyed it? well anyways bye.

i'm also just gonna update whenever i want to now bc i don't care anymore

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