c h a p t e r t h r e e : 'b o y f r i e n d'

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Mina's POV

My birthday was perfect. It was spent with the perfect girl, my best friend... friend... weird. That sounds weird. 

I woke up next to Chaengie, who was still sound asleep. I checked the time, 6:45. Oh shit! We need to be up now!

"CHAENG!!" I exclaimed, shaking her 

She groaned, "Wha.."

"IT'S 6:45!!"

She quickly got up and ran into a different room, "CHAENG, WE NEED TO GO NOW!" 

Chaeyoung came running out with two uniforms, "Change first"

She quickly ripped off her shirt and I ended up turning around really fast, did she just.. okay. Calm down, Mina. It's just Chaeng. She's just changing calm dow-

"Mina! Change!" she exclaimed 

I shyly took of my shirt and felt her eyes on me while I quickly put on the rest of the uniform. (A/N: ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) SORRY I'LL GO)

When we were both changed, she grabbed my hand and we ran out of the tree house with our hands intertwined. The bell had just rung when we entered the classroom so we quickly sat down at our seats.

"Close one, right?" she laughed

"Chae, not funny. I can't be late to school" I said, I take school very seriously. Obviously, Chaeyoung doesn't

"I'm sorry, I just wanted your birthday to be fun, not my fault it was on a Sunday"

I laughed, "It's fine"

She smiled and I felt my heart flutter, those dimples, "What?" she asked because she noticed I was looking at her

"N-nothing.." I quickly looked away

Chaeyoung's POV

Did Mina just check me out.. I think she did. Maybe that could mean that she-

"Class, we have a new student" the teacher said

I looked at him suspiciously, "Have I seen him somewhere before?" I mumbled to myself but Mina had heard me

"H-he's my ex boyfriend, Chaeng..." 


Sorry that this one is really short, I just wanted to end it on a cliffhanger and idk I thought it'd be weird if I continued it. Again, sorry if it's also really bad lol.

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