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Mina's POV
<walking to school>

"you haven't walked me to school in a while" i said as Jimin walked silently beside me

he hummed, "i wanted to see how you were doing"

"i'm fine"

"i met with Chaeyoung" he said bluntly

i looked at him, "what? why?"

"she told me that she's trying to get out of the marriage" he ignored my question and continued, "and that the reason why she chose it over you was because she thought you'd get hurt having to hide things from everyone"

i looked back to the ground, "i'm gonna help make things right" he added

"what do you mean?"

"i'm gonna help her get out of it" he finally looked at me, "and you can be together"

we stayed silent the rest of the walk. i didn't know what to say and i didn't think he wanted me to say anything. i was going to ask her to be friends because i still love her but now.. now i need to confess. i need her. i love her.

*end of flashback*

Chaeyoung's POV

i was cuddled against Mina with our hands intertwined. my finger was rubbing her hand lightly.  she was using her other hand to brush through my hair.

"Minari.." i mumbled

she hummed in response whilst i looked up at her, "you're okay with what happened just now, right?" i asked

"what do you mean?" she looked down at me

"you know.. we just.." i stared into her eyes, "unless Jimin took your-"

"he didn't" she cut me off, "of course i'm okay with it, i'm assuming Yoongi didn't take yours?"

i shook my head, "i was.. saving it" i laughed, "for you actually.."

"f-for me?" her face lit up with a bright red blush

"well yeah" i looked away shyly, "i was hoping we'd get back together someday.."

"and that someday happened" she smiled and pulled my face back to look at her, placing a small kiss onto my lips, "me too, i saved mine.."

"didn't you think you loved Jimin?" my head tilted a little

she laughed, "i didn't want to give it up in high school" she sighed, "but i guess that plan went out the window today.."

"sorry" i laughed awkwardly

"at least i'm in love with you" she smiled at me, "for real this time" she caressed my cheek softly

"we missed class" i smiled back

"i don't care" she kissed me again, "at least i have you now" (A/N: cheesy as hell oops)


we had fallen asleep for about five hours. it was now seven and i think we were both really hungry.

"Chaeng.." Mina mumbled as she rolled around next to me, "m' hungry"

i laughed at her, "you're cute"

"no.. i'm hungry" she mumbled again

"should i go make you some food?" i asked

she nodded so i got up, grabbing clothes to put on. i went to the fridge and pulled out ingredients to make salads. i hadn't been in my treehouse in a while, so i had a lot of food to work with. luckily, it wasn't spoiled.

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