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hi everyone, i just wanted to say that i'm extremely sorry for not updating. if you saw my post, you'd know i'm on a school trip but there's more than that. please read if you have time~

i've been feeling really empty lately, as well as being numb. i never feel emotions and honestly it scares me. to add onto that, i have vertigo and threw up today during my school trip. don't pity me because that can't help, please just know how sorry i am and that i truly feel guilty about not posting. i feel like crying because i feel so alone but i don't because my emotions are locked away so far that i can't bring them out. they only come back when i cry, and when i cry my throat feels like it's burning, i can't breathe, and my heart hurts really really badly.

again, i'm sorry and please don't stop reading because of this. i promise i'll update as soon as i feel better.

(this will be copied and pasted on all of my stories)

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