Lezione 26-Dates and time (Part one)

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Buonasera! Oppure (or) buongiorno.. buon pomeriggio...

Oggi studieremo le date e l'ora.

How do you feel? Ready to conquer some more culture?

Objective: In this lesson we will be covering days of the week, months and telling the time.

Interesting fatto: Unlike in England, in Italy you must pass all subjects in order to get through to the next year at school. By mid-June (when school finishes in Italy), you mustn't have more than three subjects below the average level, which is 6 (the highest mark is 10). With one, two or three insufficient subjects at the end of the year, a student is given the three months of summer to revise everything studied in them during the year to then take an exam in early September, just before school starts. If they pass, then they may go through to the next year. If they don't pass (which is rare!) then they have to repeat the year and so are held back (bocciatura/essere bocciati means to be held back).

Consiglio (advice) of the day: Constantly remember and memorize the new words you learn in this lesson and the ones you've learnt from the others. Write the fundamental words on sticky notes and place them in various places around your home, or have someone ask you on them.

Buono studio!

(The copyright of the video belongs to its author, Lucrezia Oddone, who kindly gave me the permission to refer to her video lessons as a way of facilitating my teaching).




These aren't too difficult. Remember, however, that they are not written with a capital letter in any case- that would be considered a mistake!

January- gennaio (jen-NA-yoh)

February- febbraio (feb-BRA-yoh)

March- marzo (mard-zoh)

April- aprile

May- maggio (MAH-jjoh)

June- giugno (JOO-nyoh)

July- luglio (LOO-lyoh)

August- agosto

September- settembre

October- ottobre

November- novembre

December- dicembre

Notice how the last four months have numbers in them? Well, dicembre almost makes it.

Plus, the preposition you want is 'a', meaning 'in'-

In May-A maggio.

In December-A dicembre.

Days of the week-I giorni della settimana






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