Lezione 4-Personal pronouns

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Italian Personal Pronouns (I pronomi personali as you can see above)

What are they? Or, as they say in italian: Cosa sono?

They are small words used to refer to a person or people we are already talking about, instead of using the same name (Mario, Sara, Luigi hehe) and apposition (teacher, doctor, student).

Cominciamo (let's start-commence) con:

I-Io (Pronounced EE-yoh)


He-Egli/Lui (Lui is almost always used and pronounced LOO-wee))

She-Ella/Lei (Lei is also much more common and said 'Lay')

It-Esso/Essa (Masculine or feminine: explained in advance)

We-Noi (Noy)

You (plural)-Voi (Voy)

They-Essi/Loro (Loro is much more common)

Those are the Subject pronouns. Like in English they are used to express the subject of a sentence, that is, the person who does something.

One last thing that you must read:

In English you always have to express the subject- in Italian, you don't! You'll find out why in the next lesson...

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