Lezione 42-To me or to you? (More personal pronouns-parte due)

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Hey guys!

Today we're going to do something a little bit tricky so stick with me!


What is an indirect object?

An indirect object is something that an action happens to, but as opposed to the direct object, this happens indirectly.

In English it is used with the preposition 'to'. So, 'to me', 'to you', 'to him' etc are all indirect object pronouns.

 Look at these sentences:

Give me the apple.

Give the apple to me.

What's the difference? There is none in the meaning, but since it can be expressed in two different ways in English (and in Italian), the indirect object pronoun 'me' goes before the direct object (apple) in the first sentence. Whereas in the second one (nel secondo as we'd say in italiano) 'me' becomes 'to me' and ends the sentence.

These sentences could also be used with a direct object pronoun: it.

Give me it.

Give it to me.

'It' may refer to anything, but in this case, it represents the apple.

Let's take a look at (Diamo un'occhiata a...) the indirect object pronouns in Italian. There are three ways, as opposed to just two in English. The first set are:

To me-a me

To you-a te

To him-a lui

To her-a lei

To us-a noi

To you-a voi

To them-a loro

Try and analyze these sentences:

Porta la mela a lui. Take the apple to him. (mela=direct object. A lui= indirect object)

Portate le banane a noi. Bring the bananas to us.

Dai il computer a me. Give the computer to me.

Lui ha scritto una lettera a lei. He wrote a letter to her.

Did you guess which complements were the direct objects and which ones the indirect objects based on that example above?

Anyway, these sentences are used only when emphasizing whom you're giving something to.

Ask yourself: Whom are you giving those bananas to? A chi dai quelle banane? A te! A lui! A voi! A loro! Ecc.


The second set of indirect object pronouns are as follows:




her-le/Le ('you' formal)



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