Lezione 2-Useful phrases

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Ok, let's begin! First of all, here are 12 very helpful key phrases you may use when out and about.



Goodbye-Arrivederci (Polite form)

Thank you/Thanks-Grazie

You're welcome-Prego

Please-Per favore

Sorry!-Scusa! Scusi!*

Excuse me-Mi scusi



Yes, please-Sì, grazie

No, thanks-No, grazie

I'm sorry, I don't understand-Scusa/Scusi, non capisco.*


Right! You will probably have just skimmed through those because (maybe) you don't know how to pronounce them, which is perfectly ok because in the next lessons we will be learning how to pronounce letters depending on where they are.

The * sign after the phrases 'Sorry' and the last key phrase is an indicator of when both Scusa and Scusi are used.

Something simple: You use Scusa with people you know/are close to and who are roughly your age.

However, Scusi is for people you do not know or who are older than you and higher in ranking and social status.

You also use scusi to call somebody's attention (think of an elderly lady who forgot her bag on the bus and you want her to know, shout 'Scusi!'). :)


Note: In Italian the stress is usually found on the penultimate syllable of a word. Example: Ape (bumblebee), andare (to go), Alessandro (Alexander), Insegnamento (The noun: teaching).


So, now that I presume you know how to read some Italian, here are some more useful expressions and words. (Note: In the video on your right not all of the following expressions correspond to each other but you will learn some new ones with it anyway:) ):

Buongiorno-Good morning/Good day (To say from about midnight to 1 PM usually)

Salve-Hello (very formal-used mainly towards teachers)

Ciao-Hello/Goodbye (Very informal and used between friends and family)

Welcome!-Benvenuto! (To a male person)/Benvenuta! (To a female person)

Benvenuti! (To more than one person)/Benvenute! (To more than one female person)



Come stai?/Come va?-How are you?

Come sta?-How are you? (Formal)

Come state?-How are you? (To more than one person)

Bene, grazie. E tu?-Fine thanks, and you?

Come ti chiami?-What's your name? (Quite literally 'How do you call yourself?')

Mi chiamo...-My name is...

Da dove vieni?/Di dove sei? (Informal)-Where are you from?

Vengo da.../Sono di...(Informal)-I come from...

Piacere/Piacere di conoscerti-Pleased to meet you (Informal)

Piacere di conoscerLa-Pleased to meet you (Formal)

Buon Pomeriggio (Rarely used)-Good afternoon (from 1 PM to about 4 PM)

Buonasera-Good evening (from 4 PM onwards)


Good luck!-Buona fortuna!/In bocca al lupo (Quite literally 'In the mouth of the wolf')

Cheers!/Good health!-Salute! (Health)/Cin cin!

Have a nice day!-Buona giornata!

Do you speak Italian?-Parli Italiano?/Parla Italiano? (Formal)

Yes, a little-sì, un po'.

How old are you?-Quanti anni hai?/Quanti anni ha?

I am ... years old-Ho... anni.

When were you born?-Quando sei nato?/Quando è nato? (Formal)

I was born on the ... of (October)...-Sono nato il (add cardinal number)...Ottobre... (for boys)

Sono nata il... (add cardinal number)...ottobre... (for girls)

When is your birthday?-Quand'è il tuo compleanno?/Quand'è il Suo compleanno? (Formal)

How much is this?-Quanto costa?

I love you-Ti amo (To someone you are in a relationship with)

I love you-Ti voglio bene (To a friend/close friend or a family member)


Get well soon!-Guarisci presto!

Happy Easter-Buona Pasqua

Merry Christmas-Buon Natale

" " and a happy new year-" " e felice anno nuovo

Happy Birthday-Buon Compleanno

I like learning Italian ;)-Mi piace imparare italiano.

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