Lezione 33-'Why', 'because' & 'I would like...'

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Ecco un'altra lezione breve-here's another brief lesson!

Come si dice 'why', 'because' e, infine (finally), 'I would like...'?


The interrogative adverb 'why' works the same way in Italian as it does in English.

"Why did you go?" for example, even though these is no such auxiliary as 'do' in Italian.

It would just be "why you went?" No inverting verbal position, nothing odd. Simply "perché" plus subject.

Why=perché (per-KEH)

If you know Spanish, you'll no doubt know this is very similar: por que, and in French: pourquoi.

Perché sei andato? Why did you go?

Perché Serena è qui? Why is Serena here?

Perché Alex non ha fatto i compiti? Why didn't Alex do his homework?


Answering is so easy! Perché? Because 'why' is EXACTLY the same word as 'because' in Italian, just as in Spanish:

Perché sei andato? Perché ero stanco. Why did you go? Because I was tired.

New word: ero-I was

Perché Alex non ha fatto i compiti? Perché è pigro. (New word: pigro/a-lazy)

You can obviously place 'because' within an actual sentence, too:

Perché Serena è qui? Serena è qui perché vuole salutarmi.

Why is Serena here? Serena is here because she wants to say hello to me.

Remember the direction of the accent: é NOT è

Perché NOT Perchè

Why not? Perché no? (incorrect: ''perché non'' by itself. "Perché non" is used in questions like: why don't you...? OR Why aren't you...? perché non vai...? (why don't you go...? OR Perché non mangi...? Why don't you eat/have...? Why aren't you eating/having...?)

In formal situations or in high Italian language texts you may find the expression 'in quanto', another way of saying 'because' or, in English, 'in that...'.


As for the last topic of the day-'I would like...'

I would like=Vorrei (vor-RAY)

I would like an ice cream-Vorrei un gelato.

I would like two scoops, please-Vorrei due palline, per favore.

I would like some butter, please-Vorrei del burro, per favore.

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