Lezione 54-Thanking people

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Nella lezione di oggi studieremo come ci si ringrazia.

In today's lesson we're going to learn how to thank one another.

Firstly, you know that 'thanks' is 'grazie' and 'thank you very much', 'grazie mille'.

But how do I say to someone, 'I thank you', 'thanking you for...' (like in an email) or 'thanks for the present?'

Thanks for=Grazie per OR grazie del/della/degli/delle/dei/dello

Thanking you for...=La ringraziamo per/del... (from the verb: ringraziare-to thank)

I thank you=Ti ringrazio

Thanks for the gift!=Grazie del/per il regalo!

Semplice! (SEM-plee-cheh)


Thanks for existing, Wattpad!

Grazie di esistere (ez-EES-teh-reh), Wattpad!

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