ADVANCED: Lezione 56-Compound verbs

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Finally, one of the most important chapters so far!

What is a compound verb? (Verbo composto).

In PRAtica, (basically), a compound verb has more words making into a single verb. o.O


Believe in

Ask for

Rely upon



Allora, (right/so)-

vediamo degli esempi! 

Abituarsi a-to get used to

Mi sono abituato al cane alla fine-In the end I got used to the dog

Andare a-to go to...

Vado a casa-I'm going home

Badare a-to look after

Bada ai bambini!-Look after the children!

 Cadere in-to fall in

Sono caduto nell'acqua-I fell into the water

Credere in (CREH-deh-reh)-to believe in

Credi in Dio?-Do you believe in God?

Sì, ci credo!-Yes, I do!

Riuscire be able to/to manage to...

Riesci a mangiare ora?-Are you able to eat now?

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