NON-BEGINNERS: Lezione 8-Dialogues and conversations

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Oggi (today) è a day in which I will be teaching you how to introduce yourself fully and converse.

I thought to put this in the 8th lesson/lezione after learning some grammar first as to make learning easier :)


So, here is a dialogue between two people who have just met each other (don't laugh at the dialogue, lol) whose names are Jane and Andrea. Who's the Italian speaker in this case? Andrea (obviously :3). His name means Andrew in English.

Jane has just landed in Milan Malpensa Airport and is waiting for her penfriend, Andrea, to pick her up.

 After writing to each other a few times thanks to an Italian course she attended, they finally decide to meet up and learn from each other. Jane can only say a few sentences in Italian whereas Andrea can speak English pretty well, but may still need some tweaks. That way they'll learn from each other o_O


 Jane sees Andrea holding a sign with her name on it, and after recognizing each other, they shake hands and start talking:

Jane: It's so nice to meet you!

Andrea: Piacere! (He escorts her to a nearby bar and they have a drink together).

 So, if you want to learn Italian, I think the best way is by speaking to you only in Italian (imagine his thick Italian accent).

Jane: I agree.

Andrea: OK! Allora...quanti anni hai?

Jane: Umm.. ho ventuno anni.

 Andrea: Bene! But you have to say ventun'anni so pronunciation sounds better. Only for numbers ending with an -o or -a before anni.

 Jane: Oh, ok! Grazie.

Andrea: Di niente! Da dove vieni?

Jane: Vengo da Inghilterra. E tu? Di dove sei?

Andrea: Brava!  Vengo da Italia. Sono di Como.

Jane: Oh, interessante. Dov'è Como?

Andrea: Como è al nord d'Italia.

Jane: E' lontano da qui?

Andrea: Non molto... ci vuole circa un'ora e mezza in macchina.

Jane: Scusa, I didn't get that!

Andrea: Ah, scusami! Ci vuole means it takes.. in English, and circa means about or roughly

Jane: Oh...

 Andrea: And Un'ora means an hour. You must add e mezza to say and a half. So, ci vuole circa un'ora e mezza-it takes about an hour and a half.

Jane: Really? That's not too far. What was the last thing you said? In macc...?

Andrea: In macchina! It means by car.

 Ci vuole circa un'ora e mezza in macchina-it takes about an hour and a half by car. We say in instead of by for means of transport.

 Jane: So I could say in aereo-by plane?

Andrea: Certo! Even in treno (by train), in battello (by boat) or even in elicottero!

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