Lezione 15-Verb conjugation (Parte Due)

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Welcome back to more verb conjugation!

Today I want you to memorize the conjugation of 5 new verbs.

That means 35 new words...

Cominciamo! (Let's start!)


I verbi sono (The verbs are):

Andare (to go), venire (to come), giocare (to play), fare (to do) e scrivere (to write).

Andare and fare are very irregular verbs. All you have to do is memorize them remembering that the endings are the same as with previous verbs.


Andare-to go

Io vado a casa-I go home

Tu vai a scuola-You go to school

Lui/Lei va a lavorare-He/She goes to work

Noi andiamo al parco-We go to the park

Voi andate via-You (plural) go away

Loro vanno in vacanza-They go on holiday


So here from the 1st person singular to the third, each conjugation begins with Va (vado, vai, va).

The first and second person plural, however, start with and- like the infinitive form andare (andiamo, andate).

Finally the third person plural follows the first three persons singular and starts with va (vanno).


Fare-to do/to make (based on context)

Io faccio la pizza-I make pizza

Tu fai i compiti-You do your homework

Lui/Lei fa la torta-He/She makes a cake

Noi facciamo un lavoro-We do a job

Voi fate del vostro meglio-You (pl.) do your best

Loro fanno da mangiare-They make something to eat


As you can see, the first person singular and plural are irregular because they contain -cci-. That is pronounced like a 'ch' in English, so: Faccio is 'FAH-choh' and Facciamo is 'fah-CHAH-moh'.


Giocare-to play (giocare a-to play... (a game))

Io gioco a scacchi-I play chess

Tu giochi a nascondino-You play hide-and-seek

Lui/Lei gioca a calcio-He/She plays football

Noi giochiamo a mosca cieca-We play blind man's buff

Voi giocate a ce l'hai-You (pl.) play it

Loro giocano a rugby-They play rugby

It's quite a regular verb but only one thing is added: the letter 'h'. This is to make the 'c' sound hard in all conjugations, so everything is pronounced like a 'k'.

'Giochi' has to be similar to 'Gioco', so 'JOH-ki' and 'JOH-koh'.

'Giochiamo' is pronounced 'Joh-KIAH-moh'.

'Giocano' is pronounced 'JOH-kah-noh'.


Venire-To come

Io vengo a casa-I come home

Tu vieni a mangiare-You come to eat

Lui/Lei viene con me-He/She comes with me (BUT esso/a viene via-it comes off-a stain, for example)

Noi veniamo alla festa-We come to the party

Voi venite a casa mia-You (pl.) come over to mine

Loro vengono da noi-They come to our place

The first person singular and the third person plural both have 'veng-' making it an irregular verb.

The second and the third person singular have 'vien-' making it an even more irregular verb.

The rest is regular =)


Scrivere-To write

Io scrivo una lettera (LET-teh-rah)-I write

Tu scrivi un'email-You write an email

Lui/Lei scrive una poesia (po-e-ZEE-ya)-He/She writes a poem

Noi scriviamo un tema-We write an essay

Voi scrivete un libro-You (pl.) write a book

Loro scrivono una relazione-They write a report

Perhaps the most regular and normal verb so far? Hahaha. Just stress the scri- in SCRIvono. :)


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