Lezione 24-Ordinal numbers 1-10

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Ciao bello!

CULTURE CLIP: Come on, bello means handsome! BUT just because an Italian calls you that does NOT necessarily mean he's calling you handsome, moreover as an affectionate way of greeting you, whether he's your friend or a stranger. Very common.

It is a bit riskier to say 'ciao bella' to a girl, obviously, meaning 'pretty lady'. Try not to be too flirtatious!


You know the cardinal numbers (one, two, three..) up to 100 in Italian, I hope.. therefore I reckoned it would be helpful to give you the ordinal numbers (first, second, third..) as well.

First-Primo Sixth-Sesto

Second-Secondo Seventh-Settimo

Third-Terzo Eighth-Ottavo

Fourth-Quarto Ninth-Nono

Fifth-Quinto Tenth-Decimo (DEH-chee-moh)

These, if you already know Spanish or French, act like adjectives. So they change endings when describing a singular/plural or masculine/feminine noun.


Il primo ragazzo-The first boy

La prima ragazza-The first girl

Il secondo cane-The second dog

La seconda sorella-The second sister

La prima persona-The first person

Le prime persone-The first people

Il primo uomo-The first man

I primi uomini-The first men


And there you have it! There are no exercises for this chapter as I find the topic easy enough to understand, however should there be any difficulties in understanding then please send me a message!! =)

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